MOZAIC-IAGOS Scientific symposium on atmospheric composition observation by commercial aircraft
Toulouse France12-15 May 2014
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  Scientific steering committee
Leonard Barrie, Bolin Centre, Stockholm, Sweden
Carl Brenninkmeijer, MPI Chemistry, Mainz, Germany
Sabrina Bringtown, Air France, France
Jean Pierre Cammas, CNRS, France
Owen Cooper, NOAA, United States of America
Jean-Marie Flaud, CNRS, France
Martin Gallagher, Univ. Manchester, United Kingdom
Paul Monks, Univ. Leicester, United Kingdom
Marc Pontaud, Meteo-France, France
Herman Smit, FZ Jülich, Germany
Anne Thompson, NASA, United States of America
Andreas Volz-Thomas, FZ Jülich, Germany
Gerd Saueressig, Lufthansa, Germany
Kuo-Ying Wang, Nat. University of Taiwan, Taiwan
  Organising committee
Corinne Marizy, AIRBUS, Toulouse, France, @
Valérie Thouret, Université de Toulouse/CNRS, France, @
Andreas Petzold, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany, @

Centre International de Conférences
Sylviane Balland, secretary, Météo-France, @
Isabelle Varin, secretary, Météo-France, @
Philippe Caille, webmaster, Météo-France, @


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