4th Conference of the International Society for Atmospheric Research using Remotely-piloted Aircraft CIC meetings


Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and remotely piloted aerial systems (RPAS) have become viable tools to study the Earth's atmosphere. Over the past decade, their use has become increasingly common and there is an ever-growing level of interest to use these platforms to address long-standing issues in atmospheric science. The fourth conference of the International Society for Atmospheric Research Using Remotely piloted Aircraft (ISARRA - http://www.isarra.org) strives to unite the atmospheric science community, industry representatives and government officials to promote the exchange of ideas, emerging technologies, sampling strategies, and experiences related to deploying UAS in the field. If you are not yet a member and are interested in UAS for atmospheric research please browse our website (and register) at the ISARRA website.

ISARRA 2016 is comprised of two components. In the week preceding the conference (May, 17th to 20th), there will be four days of flight activities at the Center for Atmospheric Research (Lannemezan, France) for inter-comparisons and validation of sampling techniques with UAS. More information on the field study is now available online.

The ISARRA conference will take place between 23 to 25 May at the Centre International de Conférences (CIC) at Météo France in Toulouse and will focus on the exchange of knowledge through oral and poster presentations. The ISARRA meeting is designed to facilitate interactions between experienced research teams, the private sector, and individuals interested using UAS for atmospheric research.

The programmatic themes for the meeting will focus on :

  • Aircraft and control systems
  • Instrumentation and payload integration
  • Science applications
  • Regulatory issues

  • Toulouse has long been a center for aviation and weather research, has recently hosted a number of activities related to UAS. On behalf of the local organizing committee, welcome to Météo-France, Toulouse.

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    ISARRA flight campaign
      From 17 to 20 May, there will be a field campaign for UAS at the Center for Atmospheric
      Research in Lannemezan (a site equipped with 60m flux towers with access of airspace to 2250 m.asl). Logistical information about this campaign is described here. All interested teams need to fill out this form or and return it as soon as possible to facilitate the organisation of this campaign (All documents will be submitted to the Civil Aviation Authorities no later than 14 March).


    Paparazzi UAV System Workshop
      ENAC (the founders of the Paparazzi navigation system) proposes to host a workshop directed to those interested in getting started with UAVs. A half-day workshop covers the basics of the Paparazzi system and allows time for question & answer. The workshop will be done in conjuction with the flight experiments in Lannemezan which would allow those interested to also observe flight operations.
    For more details.

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