EUMETNET Workshops
Centre International de Conférences - Météo-France - Toulouse - France 22nd - 23rd May, 2017
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Crowdsourcing and Internet of Things and Automatic Quality Control (focusing on near real-time and surface data) are two new topics of cooperation to be considered while defining the Observation Programme for the next phase of Eumetnet, starting in 2019.

These two workshops, one for each topic, aim at the continuation of the work achieved by the Task Team on observations achieved during summer 2016, including :
sharing of experience and plans through presentations;
definingrequirements for the next phase, which issues to put forward and how to work together;
building expert teams for further exchanges;
writing a list of conclusions and actions / a first report for the General Assembly.

These are internal Eumetnet workshops : attendees are experts nominated by European NMS or international organizations.

The initial schedule, based on the expressions of interest received in January, is the following:
Monday afternoon
Crowdsourcing and Internet of Things
presentations(a few expected so far), discussions on future collaboration, draft conclusions.
Automatic Quality Control
presentations (many), discussions on future collaboration, draft conclusions.
Finalization of reports

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Contacts : CIC secretary
Dominique Giard
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