Workshop GABLS4 12th-14th September 2018
Centre International de Conférences - Météo-France - Toulouse - France
CIC meetings


From the outset, GABLS4 was designed to study the turbulence parameterization used in NWP or research models in strong stability and the interaction between the boundary layer and the surface. Since the first workshop organized in May 2015 in Toulouse, many experiments have been carried out by several groups and many people whose results are very encouraging, leading to new interrogations for LES and hence further challenges ...

The main topic of the workshop is to examine all these results, to finalize some conclusions and agreements for publications, data access, etc.

A potential GABLS 5 for the future will be discussed in the second part of the workshop.

Oral presentations are welcome on GABLS4, Stable boundary layer, polar weather and future GABLS5.

The number of attendees is limited to 50 people, therefore priority will be given to participants of the GABLS intercomparisons. There is no poster session and registration is free of charge.

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