A Tribute to Jean-François Geleyn 6 February 2020
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On 6 February 2020, a tribute to the scientific career of Jean-François Geleyn, who sadly passed away on 8 January 2015, will be paid at the Toulouse International Conference Centre of Météo-France.

Jean-François's impact on the current generation of Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) scientists is unparalleled, both scientifically and on a human level. His involvement and leadership in national and international scientific committees were unanimously appreciated, together with the quality of his human relationships.


After two years of research dedicated to physical aspects in NWP at Météo-France (Paris), Jean-François went to ECMWF (Bracknell and Reading) in 1976 where he developed the radiation code and was heavily involved in the general design of the first operational ECMWF model. Back to Météo-France, he became head of the NWP team who finished building the French operational models EMERAUDE and PERIDOT. He initiated the concept of variable resolution in ARPEGE and developed the cooperation with ECMWF around the ARPEGE/IFS software. He built a new NWP team in Toulouse from 1991 (the GMAP group) and ran it until 2003. During several years around 1990, he was very active in the WMO Working Group on Numerical Experimentation (WGNE).

Jean-François created ALADIN in 1991. He acted as ALADIN Program Manager, the main executive officer of the ALADIN Consortium, years before this position was officially defined in the ALADIN Memorandum of Understanding. Until 2010, he led the life of the ALADIN consortium and started the merge between the ALADIN and the HIRLAM consortia and a productive scientific interaction within the SRNWP program with the other European consortia. For these outstanding contributions to the fostering of cooperation among scientists in European countries, he received the European Meteorological Society Silver Medal in 2011.

As a token of recognition, in March 2011, Jean-François became visiting Professor at the department of Physics and Astronomy of Ghent university, Belgium, passing his long-standing expertise on NWP to students. At the same time, Jean-François started to dedicate his time more on the thermodynamic foundations of convection and turbulence and was the recognized driving force behind the COST(European COoperation in Science and Technology)-ES0905 action.


Presentations on various aspects of his successful research activities with a pioneering inspiration will be given by scientists who have collaborated with him, and also by those who have been trained and supervised by him.

We invite those who would like to share souvenirs (photos or short videos) about Jean-François, to contact us.

We invite all of you to book the 6 of February and join us (either in Toulouse or remotely) for this day in honour of Jean-François Geleyn.

Programme of the day
09:00   Café d'accueil / Welcome coffee
Ouverture / Openning  
09:22   Introduction et Bienvenue
09:30   Pourquoi faut-il honorer Jean-François Geleyn ?
Olivier Moch
Les débuts / The early days chair : Jean Pailleux
09:45   Des débuts en France de la prévision numérique opérationnelle au projet AMETHYSTE
Daniel Rousseau
10:05   Les premiers modèles opérationnels au Centre Européen
Michel Jarraud
10:25   Les projets EMERAUDE et PERIDOT et l'évolution vers ARPEGE
Jean Coiffier
10:45   Pause café / Coffee break
Modélisation globale / Global Modelling chair : Florence Rabier
11:15   Le projet ARPEGE/IFS
Philippe Courtier et Jean Pailleux
11:45   Les paramétrisations physiques
François Bouyssel
12:05   Simplified physics
Marta Janiskova
12:25   Nouveaux outils opérationnels
Emmanuel Legrand
12:35   Déjeuner / Lunch buffet
Modélisation aire limitée / Limited Area Modelling chair : Maria Derkova
14:00   Theinfluence of Aladin cooperation on European level: from Aladin to Copernicus
Andras Horanyi
14:20   Le consortium ALadin
Piet Termonia
14:40   Le noyau dynamique Non-Hydrostatique
Pierre Bénard
15:00   Physical parametrizations: ACRANEB2 radiation scheme
Jan Masek
15:15   Physical parametrizations: TOUCANS turbulence scheme
Ivan Bastak Duran
15:30   Les paramétrisations physiques : schéma de convection 3MT
Radmila Brozkova et Jan Masek
15:45   Pause café / Coffee break
Perspectives / Prospects chair : Jean-François Mahfouf
16:15   COST-ES0905 European project
Dmitrii Mironov
16:30   Travauxavec Jean-François concernant la thermodynamique de l'atmosphère
Pascal Marquet
16:45   Weather and Climate Modelling at Gent University
Daan Degrauwe
16:55   Futurs du noyau dynamique
Mikhail Tolstykh
17:15   Prospectives en Prévision Numérique
Alain Joly
18:00   Cocktail / Cocktail
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CIC secretary
François Bouyssel
Alain Joly
Pascal Marquet
Jean Pailleux
Patricia Pottier
Piet Termonia
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