MedCyclones & European Storm Workshop
and Training School
26-30 June 2023 Centre International de Conférences, Météo-FranceToulouse, France
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  The COST Action CA19109 "MedCyclones - European network for Mediterranean cyclones in weather and climate" (more information) and the European Storm Workshop series (more information) organize a joint workshop in Toulouse (France) from Wednesday 28 until Friday 30 June 2023. The event will also involve a Training School from Monday 26 until Friday 30 June, with afternoon activities during the last three days allowing the students to attend the workshop in the morning and early afternoon. Both workshop and training school will take place at the Centre International de Conférences of Météo-France.

2nd MedCyclones Workshop & 9th European Storm Workshop
28-30 June 2023

The general objectives of the workshop are to present and discuss recent scientific progress in understanding and modelling dynamical processes and socio-economic impacts of cyclones from weather to climate time scales, in the mid latitudes in general and the Mediterranean in particular.

The European storm workshop series was initiated in 2011 to bring together dynamical meteorologists, climatologists, statisticians, stakeholders and risk model developers from insurance and engineering consultant companies. These interdisciplinary workshops try to bridge state-of-the-art breakthroughs in science to practical implementation in risk modeling.

The COST Action CA19109 "MedCyclones" started in 2020 to establish efficient networking between stakeholders, operational weather forecasters and researchers, which is timely and essential to address both challenges of research coordination and operational implementation of scientific results into weather and climate services.

This year, the joint workshop aims at better connecting Atlantic and Mediterranean cyclone communities, which in many ways share similar goals. The workshop programme will consist of oral and poster presentations in plenary but also breakout discussions devoted to promoting collaborations within and between the communities.

We invite you to submit a short abstract for oral or poster presentations in the broad field of mid latitude and Mediterranean cyclones choosing one of the following topics:
Extratropical cyclone dynamics and processes;
Climate change and variability in the past and future;
Forecasts and predictions from weather to climate scales;
Socio-economic impacts and industry applications.

Registration to the workshop is free of charge for all participants. COST Action participants from COST Full/Cooperating Member countries may be eligible for travel/accommodation reimbursement (for eligibility, please refer to The COST Action MedCyclones will be able to cover full traveling and accommodation expenses for about 40 participants. Priority will be given to workshop presenters and initiative leaders, while gender and country balance will be taken into account, as well as participation from ITC countries.

2nd MedCyclones Training School
26-30 June 2023

The Training school is primarily addressed to PhD students, PostDoc and early career investigators as well as professionals and scientists from regional and national meteorological agencies. It will cover several aspects of Mediterranean cyclones: dynamics, processes, forecasting, predictability and impacts.

Covering the whole five-day period, the training school activities will develop through frontal lectures and practical activities where the students will perform specific analysis in small groups. Each group will be coached by a tutor and final results will be presented in the form of short talks on the last day of the Training School to trigger discussions and provide the opportunity to enhance the collaborative spirit and develop new skills. All the students are expected to attend the plenary sessions of the workshop on 28-30 June.

The training school is open to max 30 participants and it is free of charge. Trainees from participating COST Full/Cooperating/Partner member countries (refer to will be reimbursed for their travel expenses, accommodation and meals (based on COST allowance rates). If a selection of applications will be needed, gender and country balance will be taken into account.

Please submit your application together with a short CV and a brief cover letter describing your motivation. Trainees will automatically be registered for the workshop. However, if you intend to present your work during the workshop, please additionally submit a short abstract.

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