First ACC-MIP workshop of the IGAC/SPARC
Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate Initiative (AC&C)
CIC meetings

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The workshop objectives and discussions will cover :
1) status of simulations by the various groups
2) results from the analysis of model runs
3) next steps

The exact agenda will depend on who is able to attend and so will be determined in mid-March, but it is hoped that most of the time will be spend on analysis of results to date. Sub-topic areas and associated leads which have been identified include :

  • measurement/model comparison of ozone RF estimates from TES (Kevin Bowman),
  • air quality and climate penalty (Bill Collins),
  • deposition of nitrogen and sulfur (Frank Dentener),
  • comparisons with ice core observations and modern aircraft/satellite data (troposphere & stratosphere) (Jean-François Lamarque and Veronika Eyring),
  • evaluation of ozone budget and methane lifetime, comparison with ozonesondes (David Stevenson),
  • aeroCom-style evaluation of models vs multiple datasets (AeroNet, satellite, etc.) (Michael Schulz),
  • evaluation of radiative forcing and of climate response (Drew Shindell),
  • response to isoprene change (Paul Young),
  • changes in convection and lightning over time (Ruth Doherty),
  • analysis of OH behavior over time (Apostolos Voulgarakis).

  • To assist in setting the agenda we ask that you submit a short, informal "abstract" (see the "registration" page) stating you/your groups plans for participation in the ACC-MIP, the current status of your ACC-MIP model runs, and your interest in the topic areas above. If there are other areas you'd like to see addressed at the workshop please comment on this as well (following the abstract).

    Limited funds are available to support attendance to the workshop. If you would like to be considered for funding support, please send an email to with your name, contact information, an estimate of the costs you need covered, and a brief statement of your involvement in ACC-MIP.

    Drew Shindell and Jean-François Lamarque, ACC-MIP co-chairs.

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