15th Coherent Laser Radar Conference CIC meetings

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  The 15th Coherent Laser Radar Conference (CLRC) will be held June 22, 2009, through June 26, 2009, in Toulouse, France. The meeting will be hosted by the research center of the French weather service, Météo-France.

The 15th conference on coherent laser radar technology and applications is the latest in a series beginning in 1980 that provides a forum for exchange of information on recent events, current status, and future directions of coherent laser radar (or coherent lidar) technology and applications. This conference will emphasize the latest advancements in the coherent laser radar field, including theory, modeling, components, systems, instrumentation, measurements, calibration, data processing techniques, operational uses, and comparisons with other remote sensing technologies.

Past conferences have occurred every other year and alternated between the United States and Europe.
  • 1. 1980 Aspen, CO USA
  • 2. 1983 Aspen, CO USA
  • 3. 1985 Great Malvern, UK
  • 4. 1987 Aspen, CO USA
  • 5. 1989 Munich, Germany
  • 6. 1991 Snowmass, CO USA
  • 7. 1993 Paris, France
  • 8. 1995 Keystone, CO USA
  • 9. 1997 Linkoping, Sweden
  • 10. 1999 Mount Hood, OR USA
  • 11. 2001 Great Malvern, UK
  • 12. 2003 Bar Harbour, ME USA
  • 13. 2005 Kamakura, JAPAN
  • 14. 2007 Snowmass, CO, USA

  • The conference serves as a biannual forum for the exchange of current and future developments within the field of coherent laser radar. It is intended that the meeting will highlight recent advancements in the field, including component technology and instrumentation, systems (surface, airborne, and space-based), measurements and processing techniques, and emerging requirements for coherent laser radar applications in studies of atmospheric, ocean, surface and target properties.

    Contributions describing the calibration of coherent laser radar systems and factors affecting system performance, such as atmospheric turbulence, backscatter, and extinction properties are applicable to the meeting. In order to allow for information exchange with other disciplines, contributions in related coherent optical technologies and applications are also encouraged.

    The conference will include both invited and contributed papers on all aspects of coherent laser radar technology and applications. The emphasis will be on the latest advances in the field including technology development, systems integration, signal processing and in-depth analysis of measurement campaigns.

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