2nd workshop on the use of GIS/OGC standards in meteorology CIC meetings

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  The aim of this workshop, jointly organised by ECMWF, the UK Met Office and Meteo- France, is to review the use of OGC standards in geo-sciences in Europe and worldwide, to promote collaboration between meteorological services in order to define a set of common standards that will enhance interoperability.

It is envisaged that the workshop will consist of a series of 20-minute presentations, open discussions, working groups and plenary sessions.

Following the recommendations of the first workshop held at ECMWF last November, a Meteorology Domain Working Group (DWG Meteorology) was established at the Athens OGC Technical Conference 2009-03-31.

The purpose of the OGC Meteorology DWG is to provide an open forum for work on meteorological data interoperability, and a route to publication through OGC's standards ladder (Discussion paper / Best Practice / Standard) to ISO status, thence giving a route for submission to WMO CBS for adoption.

The goal of the workshop is to review the initial results of Interoperability Experiments on Web Map Services, and to define a roadmap for further activities as part of the DWG Meteorology working group, especially around conceptual modelling and other OGC interfaces (WCS, WFS, SOS, …)

The deadline for registering is 12 November 2009.
The deadline for receiving abstract is 2 November 2009.

To be held at the Conference International Centre at Meteo-France, Toulouse, France, November 23-25, 2009.
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