The World Weather Research Programme’s symposium on nowcasting and very short range forecasting (WSN05) was sponsored by WMO’s World Weather Research Programme (WWRP), EUMETSAT, AMS-Gematronik and Météo-France.

The aim of the Symposium was to examine the capabilities, opportunities and requirements for improved forecasts in the 0-6 hour nowcasting timeframe. Special emphasis was placed on forecasts of high impact weather such as summer convective hazards (heavy rain, hail, lightning, high winds), and to a lesser extent on winter weather events (snowstorm, blizzards, etc.) and other hazardous conditions (fog, etc.) Since the 0-6 hour period spans the timeframe where it is known that both traditional Nowcasting techniques and NWP can contribute useful information, both approaches were covered at the Symposium as well as methods that combine Nowcasting and NWP.

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. all presentations and posters provided by the authors are now available under
. this link ; they will also be distributed on DVD to all participants by WMO

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