FQMQ54 LFPW 160735
Weather bulletin on METAREA 3,
METEO-FRANCE Toulouse, Tuesday 16 September 2014 at 09 UTC

Wind speed in BEAUFORT SCALE.
Sea state in DOUGLAS SCALE.
Please be aware, wind gusts can be a further 40 percent stronger than
the averages given here, and maximum waves may be up to twice the
significant height.

Part 1 : NO WARNING.

Part 2 : General synopsis, Tuesday 16 at 00 UTC
Low 995 over Atlantic off Portugal, slowly moving northward, expected
991 off Cape Finisterre at 17/12 UTC. Associated trough over the
southwest of France to the gulf of Lion. Easterly flow gradually
becoming moderate or fresh over the Mediterranean basin ahead this
Atlantic low.
Low deepening 1009 over the sea of Alboran this morning then moving
northeastward, expected 1007 between Balearic islands and Algerian
coasts tomorrow midday.

Part 3 : Area forecasts to Wednesday 17 at 12 UTC
East 3 or 4, increasing Southeast 4 to 6 this evening, then veering
Southwest 3 to 5 at the end of night.
Slight, becoming locally moderate at end.
Some showers, thunderstorms at night.

East or Northeast 2 to 4, temporarily East or Southeast 3 to 5 this
evening, becoming variable 2 to 4 at night.
Smooth or slight.
Thunderstorms from afternoon.

Northeast 3 or 4 in west, Easterly 2 or 3 in east, becoming Southeast
3 or 4 afternoon, temporarily 5 in evening.
Smooth becoming slight.
Thunderstorms with gusts in evening.

Easterly or Southeast increasing 4 or 5 at midday, then 5 or 6
Slight, becoming moderate.
Thunderstorms with gusts at night.

Easterly 4 or 5, increasing 5 or 6 tomorrow morning.
Slight, becoming moderate.
Thunderstorms with gusts at night.

East or Northeast 3 or 4, increasing 3 to 5 in the afternoon, then 4
to 6 at the end of night.
Smooth or slight.

East or Southeast 2 to 4, increasing 4 or 5 at night, at times 6.
Slight, becoming moderate tomorrow.
Thunderstorms at night.

Southeasterly 2 to 4.
Smooth, locally slight.
Thundery showers at end.

Veering mainly Westerly 2 to 4, but locally Easterly 3 to 5 in east
at first, increasing locally 5, temporarily 6 in extreme northeast
around midnight,
Smooth or slight, becoming locally moderate in extreme northeast at
Showers at times thundery today.

Northeast 3 to 5, veering Westerly in evening.
Becoming slight, locally moderate in west at end.
Showers at times thundery today.

Easterly increasing 3 to 5, then 4 or 5, temporarily 6 in west in
evening, then gradually veering West 3 to 5 from west from midnight.
Slight, becoming locally moderate in east later.
Showers at times thundery from west at night.

Easterly 3 or 4, increasing 5 or 6 at the end of afternoon, then
veering Westerly 2 to 4, at night, temporarily 5.
Becoming slight.
Some showers at times thundery today.

Easterly increasing 3 or 4, then 5 or 6 overnight, veering
Southeasterly 3 or 4, locally 5 in northeast at end.
Slight, becoming moderate later.
Thundery showers at night and tomorrow morning.

Easterly 3 or 4, but locally West 3 or 4 in extreme southwest at
first, increasing 4 or 5 at the end of night, temporarily 6 in
extreme west.
Slight, becoming locally moderate in extreme west at end.
Some thundery showers at night and tomorrow morning.

Easterly 2 to 4.
Smooth, becoming slight in south.
Locally thundery showers in west tomorrow.

Easterly 2 to 4.

Variable 1 to 3.

Part 4 : outlook for next 24 hours
Threat of East or Southeast near gale over LION, PROVENCE, and south
of CORSE. Threat of Southeasterly near gale over northeast of ANNABA,