FQMQ54 LFPW 221952
Weather bulletin on METAREA 3,
METEO-FRANCE Toulouse, Wednesday 22 October 2014 at 21 UTC

Wind speed in BEAUFORT SCALE.
Sea state in DOUGLAS SCALE.
Please be aware, wind gusts can be a further 40 percent stronger than
the averages given here, and maximum waves may be up to twice the
significant height.

Part 1 : WARNING NR 266.

Part 2 : General synopsis, Wednesday 22 at 12 UTC
Low 999 south of Adriatic sea, moving southeast. High 1030 over
southwest of France, with little move, slowly weakening 1022 by 24/00
UTC. Associated high pressure 1022 over west of basin, weakening on

Part 3 : Area forecasts to Friday 24 at 00 UTC
Northerly 5 to 7, locally 8 in northeast at first, decreasing
Northwest 4 or 5 in the afternoon, but locally 6 or 7 far northeast.
Gusts at first.
Rough or very rough, decreasing.

Variable 2 to 4, locally Northwest 4 or 5 near delta of Ebro and
Moderate locally rough in northeast, decreasing.

North or Northwest 7 or 8, decreasing Northwest 3 to 5 in southwest,
in the afternoon. Severe gusts.
Very rough, decreasing rough in west.

Northwest 7 or 8, at times 9 near Cape Bear. Severe gusts.
Rough or very rough.

In west : Northwest 8 or 9, at times 10 at first, decreasing 7 or 8
in the evening. Severe or violent gusts.
In east : Northwesterly 3 to 5, at times 6 in west, becoming Variable
2 to 4 in the afternoon.
Rough or very rough, locally high in southwest at first, decreasing
in east.

Decreasing Northwesterly 4 to 6, becoming Variable 2 to 4 in west, in
the afternoon, then decreasing 2 to 4 at end, at times 5.
Moderate locally rough in south, decreasing.

Backing Westerly 3 to 5, but locally Northerly 7 or 8 near Cape Corse
at first, temporarily increasing 6 near Cape Corse in the morning,
then decreasing 2 to 4 in the afternoon. Severe gusts at first.
Rough, decreasing from north.
Scattered showers in evening.

North or Northwest 7 or 8, locally 9 in north at first, decreasing 5
to 7 in the afternoon, locally 8 in northwest. Severe gusts.
Very rough or high, decreasing rough or very rough.

North or Northwest 5 to 7, at times 8 at first, decreasing 4 to 6 in
the morning, then 3 to 5 in the evening. Severe gusts.
Moderate or rough, decreasing from north, later.
Some showers, locally thundery.

Easterly 4 or 5, at times 6 in south at first, decreasing 3 to 5 in
the afternoon, then 2 to 4 at end.
Slight, locally moderate in west till noon.

East or Northeast 3 to 5, decreasing variable 2 to 4 soon.
Slight or moderate, decreasing later.

In west : East 4 or 5, decreasing variable 2 to 4 soon.
In east : Northerly 4 or 5, locally 6 in far northeast, backing West
or Northwest soon.
Rough in west but very rough in east, decreasing moderate or rough in
the afternoon.
North swell 4 or 5 m in east, gradually decreasing 2 to 3.5 m.

Southerly 2 to 4, veering Southwest 3 or 4 soon, temporarily 5 in
east in the afternoon.
Moderate or rough, decreasing later.

Decreasing Northwest 6 or 7.
Very rough, locally high in northeast at first .
Rain or showers near Algerian coasts at end.

Decreasing Northwest 5 or 6, locally 7 in southwest.
Very rough in west, but rough in east.
Rain or showers in south.

Northwest 4 to 6, locally becoming Variable 2 to 4 near Sardinia in
the afternoon.
Rough, becoming moderate from north soon.
Showers at times thundery in east later.

Northwest 4 to 6, temporarily 7 in south at first, increasing 5 or 6
in the afternoon.
Moderate or rough.
Thundery rain or showers.

Northwesterly 4 to 6, increasing 5 or 6 at times 7 in the afternoon.
Moderate or rough.
Thundery rain or showers.

Part 4 : outlook for next 24 hours
Persistence of Northwest near gale or gale over MINORQUE, LION,
PROVENCE, SARDAIGNE, decreasing on Friday afternoon. Threat of
Northeast near gale, over MADDALENA at first. South of basin : fresh
North or Northwest flow in east, but variable winds in west.