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  • Each graph shows, for each observation time H ([H-3h00,H+3h00[ for long cut-off analysis), daily evolution of brightness temperature GEOSTATIONARY RADIANCES observations monitoring from METEOSAT, HIMAWARI and GOES geostationary satellites. Daily statistics are calculated for each GEOSTATIONARY RADIANCES channel and clear/cloudy sky or sea/land categories. On these graphs are plotted average and standard-deviation curves of deviation from :
    • first guess before and after bias correction
    • first guess and analysis after bias correction
    Bias correction is applied for only GEOSTATIONARY RADIANCES observations which are used in NWP analysis.No bias correction is applied to observations which are blacklisted and corresponding mean and standard deviation curves of deviation from analysis are not calculated.

    ECMWF geostationary radiances monitoring is available here.
    NCEP radiance monitoring is available here.
    CMC radiance monitoring is available here.
    JMA radiance monitoring is available here.