Names for the current season


The list of names of the cyclone season 2015-2016 has not yet been validated. As soon as it will be it will appear on this website.

How are chosen the names ?

In the South West Indian Ocean, tropical systems are named when they reach the "Moderate Tropical Storm" stage (maximum 10-minute average wind superior to 33 knots).
Names are chosen from a predetermined list of names, which is classified in alphabetical order. Each cyclone season starts with the letter A, and a name is normally only used once (but this has not always been true in the past).

Until 1999-2000 tropical cyclones were named using women’s names exclusevely. Since then, both men’s and women’s names are used. Selection process have also changed with time: during the 80-90s for example, names were chosen by the National Meteorological Services in turn for several years (Madagascar at the end of the eighties-beginning of the nineties, Seychelles at the end of the nineties...).

Since cyclone season 2000-2001, names from the list are contributed by all the nations that are members of the WMO's South West Indian Ocean Tropical Cyclone Committee (15 countries, most of them from austral Africa). These names are chosen by consensus during the Tropical Cyclone Committee which is normally held every two years.