ERAD 20127th European Conference on Radar in Meteorology and Hydrology CIC meetings

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  Download the Conference programme with the connections to the short and the extended abstracts.  


  Main topics :

  QPE : Quantitative Precipitation Estimation
-Polarimetric rain rate estimators
-Conventional and polarimetric radar QPE
-Radar rain gauge combination / merging / adjustment / calibration
-Estimation of radar QPE uncertainties

NWP : Numerical Weather Prediction
-Assimilation of Radar Data into NWP
-Use of radar data for NWP Verification

NOW : Nowcasting
-Nowcasting techniques
-Extrapolation Blending

NET : Networking
-Operational radar networks
-Radar networking (operational & research)

SAT : Space-borne radars

CR : Cloud Radars
-Cloud Radar Observations and Interpretation
-Cloud Radar signal processing

HS : Hydrological Studies employing radars

RCS : Radar Case Studies
-Mesoscale convective systems
-Climatological Studies using radars

NMUR : Non Meteorological Use of Radars

ATM : Use of Radars for Air Traffic Management

DQ : Data Quality
-Ground-Clutter Correction
-Artifact Removal
-Partial Beam Blocking Correction
-VPR Correction

SP : Signal Processing
-New Technologies
-New Measurements
-New Signal Processing Techniques

MIC : Microphysics
-Microphysical Studies using Radars
-Hydrometeor Identification

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