Ecological Modelling for Ecosystem Sustainability in the context of Global Change
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  The main topics of the conference are :

  • Modelling in the context of Global Change - MGC
  • From individuals to ecosystems - MIE
  •   1.1climate changes : IPCC scenarios
    1.2quantifying gas emissions from agrosystems and ecosystems
    1.3regional impacts of climate change
    1.4sustainable management of natural resources
    1.5changes in eco-hydrology
    1.6impact of climate change on agrosystems, food production and food security
    1.7linking ecology, economy and sociology
      4.1individual-based and agent based models
    4.2population dynamic models
    4.3behavioral modelling
    4.4modelling in genetics
    4.5recent advances and new challenges in species distribution modelling
    4.6modelling for large scale ecology and macroecology
    4.7modelling for management and conservation of biodiversity
  • Ecosystem functioning - EF

  • 2.1ecosystem networks
    2.2monitoring and assessment for ecosystem dynamics
    2.3ecological indicators
    2.4linking structure and function of ecosystems
    2.5ecosystem services
    2.6ecological engineering

  • Biogeochemistry and ecotoxicology - BAE

  • 3.1biogeochemical cycles
    3.3contaminant transportation
    3.4environmental risk assessment
  • New tools and technical challenges for modelling in ecology - TATC

  • 5.1model-data fusion
    5.2sensitivity analysis
    5.3time series analysis
    5.4remote sensing
    5.6matrix population models
    5.7tools for end-users

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