Ecological Modelling for Ecosystem Sustainability in the context of Global Change
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  Selected high quality papers will have the opportunity to be published in two different journals (Ecological Modelling or International Journal of Limnology) based on the topic or theme of the paper and author's preference (only if there are enough papers to warrant a special volume of the journal).

There will be a book published by Elsevier on advances in Ecological Modelling in the perspective of Global Change.

  Ecological Modelling

International Journal on Ecological Modelling and Systems Ecology journal is concerned with the use of mathematical models and systems analysis for the description of ecological processes and for the sustainable management of resources. Human activity and well-being are dependent on and integrated with the functioning of ecosystems and the services they provide. We aim to understand these basic ecosystem functions using mathematical and conceptual modelling, systems analysis, thermodynamics, computer simulations, and ecological theory. This leads to a preference for process-based models embedded in theory with explicit causative agents as opposed to strictly statistical or correlative descriptions. These modelling methods can be applied to a wide spectrum of issues ranging from basic ecology to human ecology to socio-ecological systems.

Elsevier - Journals

Guest editors : Young-Seuk Park, Sabine Sauvage, Christophe Baehr, Guy R. Larocque and José M. Sanchez-Perez.

contact for the special issue : Young-Seuk Park.

  International Journal of Limnology

The International Journal of Limnology publishes papers on the ecology of freshwater systems, ranging from studies of aquatic organisms, physical and chemical works which relate to the biological environment, to ecological applications and frameworks for water management directives.

Annales de Limnologie / International Journal of Limnology

Guest editors : Pascal Laffaille, Laeticia Buisson, Sabine Sauvage.

contact for the special issue : Pascal Laffaille.

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