International workshop on coupled data assimilation
Centre International de Conférences - Météo-France - Toulouse - France 18th - 21st October 2016
CIC meetings

  Scientific committee
Steve Penny University of Maryland United States of America chair
Oscar Alves Bureau of Meteorology Australia  
Heather Archembault MAPP Program manager United States of America  
  Tom Auligné Joint Center for Satellite Data Assimilation United States of America  
  Magdalena Balmaseda ECMWF United Kingdom  
  Craig Bishop Naval Research Laboratory United States of America  
  Carla Cardinali ECMWF United Kingdom  
  Matthieu Chevallier Météo-France France  
  Yosuke Fujii Japanese Meteorological Agency Japan  
  Tom Hamill NOAA United States of America  
  Christopher Harris The Met Office United Kingdom  
  Arun Kumar NOAA United States of America  
  Andy Moore University of California/Santa Cruz United States of America  
  Harold Ritchie Environnement and Climate change Canada Canada  
  Anthony Weaver CERFACS France  
  Kirsten Wilmer-Becke The Met Office United Kingdom  

  Local organizing committee
Philippe Caille Météo-France France  
Nadia Fourrié
Météo-France France  
Cécile Loo
Météo-France France  
Jean Maziejewski
Météo-France France conference secretary
Isabelle Varin
Météo-France France conference secretary
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