International workshop on coupled data assimilation
Centre International de Conférences - Météo-France - Toulouse - France 18th - 21st October 2016
CIC meetings

  Operational centre's plans
Estelle De Coning
WMO World Weather Research Programme strategic plans for 2016-2023
Tom Hamill
World Meteorological Organization Interests in Coupled Data Assimilation
Patrick Laloyaux
CERA-20C: The ECMWF coupled assimilation system for climate reanalysis
Xingren Wu
Development of the NCEP Unified Global Coupled System for Weather and Climate Prediction
Yosuke Fujii
Development of a Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean Data Assimilation System in JMA/MRI
Yonghong Yin
The Bureau of Meteorology Coupled Data Assimilation System for ACCESS-S
Daniel Lea
Met Office implementation of a demonstration operational weakly coupled DA system
Santha Akella
Skin SST assimilation using GEOS-ADAS
Craig Bishop
Coupled data assimilation at the US Navy
Hans Ngodok
Development of a coupled Atmosphere-Ocean 4DVAR system
Nancy Collins
A Generic Implementation of Strongly-Coupled Assimilation in the Data Assimilation Research Testbed Community Facility
Fei Zheng
Applications of Data Assimilation on the Seasonal-Decadal Prediction of Coupled Models in IAP

Travis Sluka
A strongly coupled ocean-atmosphere EnKF for the Climate Forecasting System v2
Alicia Karspeck The CESM-DART ocean-atmosphere ensemble coupled data assimilation system in weakly and strongly coupled configurations.
Sergey Frolov
Is interface solver a way forward for complex coupled systems ?
Andrea Storto
Strongly coupled data assimilation experiments with a full OGCM and an atmospheric boundary layer model: preliminary results
Aneesh Subramanian Tropical climate variability and model error estimation in a weakly coupled data assimilation system (DART/CESM)
Daniel Lea
Large-scale error covariances for the ocean component of historical coupled reanalysis
Craig Bishop
The Local Ensemble Tangent Linear Model: an enabler for coupled model 4DVAR
Xiangbo Feng
Ensemble spreads and coupled error covariances at different time scales from CERA-20C
James While
Matthew Martin
Variational bias correction of Sea Surface Temperature observations for coupled data assimilation
Arthur Vidard
Improving coupled model solution mathematical consistency through data assimilation
Amos Lawless
Alison Fowler
Coupled atmosphere-ocean variational data assimilation in the presence of model error
Naila Raboudi
Ensemble Kalman Filtering with One-Step-Ahead Smoothing for Efficient Data Assimilation into One-Way Coupled Models
Lars Nerger
Building Ensemble-Based Data Assimilation Systems for Coupled Models
Matthew Carrier
Coupled Ocean-Acoustic Adjoint Sensitivity: Implications for Coupled DA

Climate and reanalysis applications
Robert Tardif
A multiple timescale coupled atmosphere-ocean data assimilation strategy
Shuhei Masuda
Interannual-to-pentadal climate prediction by using a four-dimensional variational coupled data assimilation system
Takashi Mochizuki
Multiyear climate prediction with initialization on 4D-Var coupled data assimilation
Francois Counillon
The Norwegian Climate Prediction Model for seasonal-to-decadal time scale: from weakly to strongly coupled ocean and sea-ice data assimilation
Malaquias Peña
EnKF perturbations in coupled models for subseasonal predictions
Hiroaki Tatebe
Centennial climate reanalysis using a climate model MIROC with LETKF system
Yiguo Wang
Weakly coupled assimilation of temperature and salinity profiles into the Norwegian Climate Prediction Model with ensemble data assimilation
James While Variational bias correction of Sea Surface Temperature observations for coupled data assimilation
Sebastian Brune
Weakly coupled assimilation for decadal prediction with MPI-ESM
Hugues Goosse
Southern Ocean variability over the last centuries in coupled data assimilation experiments with particle filtering
Renping Lin
Applications of ocean data assimilation into a coupled climate model to East Asian summer monsoon simulations
Kuan-Jen Lin
Impact of air-sea interaction on TC forecast: A case study of typhoon Fanapi 2010

Non atmos/ocean coupling
Mark Buehner
Sea Ice Data Assimilation for Coupled Prediction at ECCC
Clara Draper
Incorporating land surface observations into reanalyses: NASA GMAO's MERRA-2, and beyond
Christoph Keller
Development of a multispecies data assimilation framework for tropospheric chemistry in the NASA GEOS-5 model
Akhilesh Nair
Coupling Radiative Transfer Observation Operator with Land Surface Model for Assimilating Microwave Tb over India
Ayansina Ayanlade
Remote sensing data application in assessing seasonality land surface temperature in tropical cities
Virendra Goswami
Development of computational correlation predicting models (ccpm) for detoxyfication of green house gases through physico_chemical properties of solid catalysts

Benjamin Ménétrier
Optimized localization to filter ensemble-based covariances, applied to a coupled system
Patricia de Rosnay
ECMWF land-atmosphere weakly coupled assimilation for Numerical Weather Prediction : status and perspectives
Linlin Qi Application Studies of Using “HY-2”Altimeter Wave Data in Ensemble Optimal Interpolation Method
Eric de Boisseson
Evolution of the ocean in the CERA-20C coupled climate reanalysis
Takashi Mochizuki
Multiyear climate prediction with initialization- based on 4D-Var coupled data assimilation
Jean-Francois Mahfouf
Current practice at Météo-France on land data assimilation for Numerical Weather Prediction
Olivier Coopmann
Towards a strengthening of the coupling of Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) and Chemistry Transport Models (CTM) to improve the retrieval of thermodynamic fields from infra-red passive sounders
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