Centre International de Conférences - Météo-France - Toulouse - France 20th - 24th May 2019

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The 11th edition of the International Symposium on Tropospheric Profiling (ISTP) will be hosted in Toulouse, France, on 20-24 May 2019 by Météo-France and the Centre National de le Recherche Scientifique.

Located in the South-West of France, half way between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlanic Ocean, Toulouse is the European capital of the air and space industry. It is easily accessible by plane from many major European cities. The University of Toulouse is one of the oldest in Europe (founded in 1229) and is the fourth-largest university campus in France.

The symposium is part of a series that started in Boulder, Colorado, in 1988, and it is typically held every 3 years. ISTP attracts an international group of scientists, engineers, and program managers with broad experience in atmospheric measurement and modeling. Profiling of atmospheric state parameters and constituents, the understanding of tropospheric processes, and the use of experimental data in atmospheric models are the major topics of the conference.

ISTP11 will include poster sessions, general oral sessions and key note talks on the topic of tropospheric profiling.

Sessions of the conference :

1 Watervapor, ozone and trace gases
2 Newinstruments
3 Validation,instrument synergies, and field experiments
4 Temperature,wind, waves, and turbulence
5 Aerosols,clouds and precipitation
6 Evaluationof models and data assimilation
7 Algorithmsfor improved parameter retrievals
8 Measurementnetworks, aircraft and satellite platforms
9 Boundarylayer and mesoscale studies
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