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Date: Sunday, 19/Jul/2015
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Date: Monday, 20/Jul/2015
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Opening of the conference
Location: St-Exupéry Amphitheater
Coffee break
CCMA1: Cities inside climate models & downscaling methods
Location: Caravelle Room
Chair: Matei Georgescu, Arizona State University

Towards understanding the hydro-climatic implications of urbanization in the GFDL global climate and earth system modeling framework

Li, Dan; Malyshev, Sergey; Shevliakova, Elena; Lin, Shian-Jiann

Changes of temperature and humidity in areas of city sprawl under climate change conditions

Argueso, Daniel; Evans, Jason P.; Di Luca, Alejandro

Modelling the relative impact of land-use change and global climate change on the climate in cities

Wouters, Hendrik; van Lipzig, Nicole P. M.; Demuzere, Matthias; Brisson, Erwan; Poelmans, Lien

Assessment of three dynamical urban climate downscaling methods

Hamdi, Rafiq; Van de Vyver, Hans; De Troch, Rozemien; Termonia, Piet

How many days are required to represent the urban climate statistics?

Boettcher, Marita; Schlünzen, K. Heinke; Schoetter, Robert

The effect of future climate change on indoor thermal environment of a natural ventilated urban apartment in Taiwan

Huang, Kuo-Tsang; Hwang, Ruey-Lung; Lee, Li-An

TUKUP1: Public policies and practices
Location: Cassiopée Room
Chair: C. S. B. Grimmond, Univerisity of Reading

It’s Not All or Nothing: Partial retreat as a climate adaptive strategy for resilient coasts

Schechtman, Judd; Leshinsky, Rebecca; Flood, Stephen

Integration of urban climate issues in urban planning : reflections on which are the keys of success

Hidalgo, Julia; Haoues-Jouve, Sinda; Lopez, Claudia Ximena

What motivates urban poor in Bangladesh to adapt with urban ecosystem services and disservices?

Saroar, Md Mustafa

The urban heat island in Beirut and transfer of the urban climate knowledge to urban planners

Kaloustian, Noushig Chahe; Diab, Youssef

Adapting cities to climate Change : a systemic modelling approach

Viguié, Vincent; Masson, Valéry; Lemonsu, Aude; Bonhomme, Marion; Bretagne, Geneviève; de Munck, Cécile; Hallegatte, Stéphane; Hidalgo, Julia; Houet, Thomas; Long...

UCP1: UHI characteristics I : link with Boundary Layer
Location: St-Exupéry Amphitheater
Chair: Mikhail A. Lokoshchenko, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Geography

A Breath of Fresh Air in Urban Heat Island Studies

Theeuwes, Natalie; Steeneveld, Gert-Jan; Ronda, Reinder; Holtslag, Bert

Observed Spatial Characteristics of Beijing Urban-Climate Impacts on Summer

Dou, Jingjing; Wang, Yingchun; Bornstein, Robert; Miao, Shiguang

An investigation of the dynamic and thermodynamic impacts of urbanization via WRF-LES

Zhu, XiaoLiang; Li, Dan; Sun, Ting; Ni, GuangHeng

Observation and Simulation on the Characteristics of Summer Urban Heat Island in Nanjing, China

Wang, Chenggang; Liu, Shoudong; Wang, Yongwei

Urban heat island in the metropolitan area of São Paulo and the influence of warm and dry air masses during summer

Ribeiro, Flávia Noronha Dutra; Umezaki, Arissa Sary; Souza, Jhonathan Fernandes Torres de; Soares, Jacyra; Oliveira, Amauri Pereira de; Miranda, Regina Maura de

UDC1: Impact of Urban forms on outdoor ventilation
Location: Spot Room
Chair: Tzu-Ping Lin, Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica

Natural Ventilation Performance in a High Density Urban Area Based on CFD Numerical Simulations in Dalian

Guo, Fei; Fan, Yue; Zhang, Hezi

Anthropogenic heat contribution to air temperature increase at pedestrian height in Singapore’s high density Central Business District (CBD)

Hii, Daniel Jun Chung; Wong, Nyuk Hien; Jusuf, Steve Kardinal

Urban wind design for Bonifacio’s citadel

Dias, Dominique; Aguinaga, Sylvain; Dufresne, Marc

Air Quality in the City of Erzurum: Strategies for Climate Sensitive Urban Design

Dursun, Dogan; Yavas, Merve

Preserving Overall Performance of Air Conditioners by Incorporation of Wind- Permeable Floor in Buildings

An, Karl; Wong, Ross Y M; Sin, Kelvin K F; Fung, Jimmy C H; Li, Zhigang

Lunch break
CCMA2: Climate modeling : methodologies for impacts studies
Location: Caravelle Room
Chair: Rafiq Hamdi, Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium

Summer climate departure in mid-latitude cities: health impact, mitigation and adaptation

Dousset, Bénédicte; Mora, Camilo; Trauernicht, Clay; Caldwell, Iain; Dau, Chelsea M; Dietrich, Bonnie S; Fang, Rong; Geronimo, Rollan C; Johnston, Emily T; Li, Liye; Luca...

Assessing climate change in cities using UrbClim

Hooyberghs, Hans; De Ridder, Koen; Lauwaet, Dirk; Maiheu, Bino; Lefebvre, Wouter

Investigating the urban climate characteristics of two Hungarian cities with SURFEX/TEB land surface model

Zsebeházi, Gabriella; Szépszó, Gabriella

Near Future Weather Data for Building Energy Simulation in Summer/Winter Seasons in Tokyo Developed by Dynamical Downscaling Method

ARIMA, Yusuke; OOKA, Ryozo; KIKUMOTO, Hideki; YAMANAKA, Toru

Modelling the impact of climate change on heat load increase in Central European cities

Bokwa, Anita; Dobrovolny, Petr; Gal, Tamas; Geletic, Jan; Gulyas, Agnes; Hajto, Monika J.; Hollosi, Brigitte; Kielar, Rafal; Lehnert, Michal; Skarbit, Nora; Stastny...

URBAN TOURISM IN SOUTHERN EUROPE: assessing present and future climate conditions

Machete, Raquel Pinto; Lopes, António Saraiva; Fraga, Helder

TUKUP2: Governance challenges in urban planning and adaptation
Location: Cassiopée Room
Chair: Janet Fraser Barlow, University of Reading

The heat adapted city? A Constellation Analysis of urban governance and planning to tackle heat stress risks in mid-latitude cities

Mahlkow, Nicole; Donner, Julie

Urban Planning and the Climate issues of Beirut and Hamburg: Comparison or approaches, tools and decision making processes.

Kaloustian, Noushig Chahe; Diab, Youssef; Bechtel, Benjamin; Ossenbrügge, Jürgen

A review of studies on the relationship between urban morphology and urban climate towards better urban planning and design in (sub)tropical regions

Ho, Justin CK; Ren, Chao; Ng, Edward

Reasons to adapt to urban heat (in the Netherlands)

Klok, Lisette; Kluck, Jeroen

Capacity for Urban Adaptation to Climate Change: Case Study of Erzurum and Kayseri

Dursun, Defne

UCP2: UHI characteristics II : vertical and horizontal structure
Location: St-Exupéry Amphitheater
Chair: Fei Chen, NCAR

About the relation between urban topsoil moisture and local air temperature

Wiesner, Sarah; Eschenbach, Annette; Ament, Felix

Investigating the impact of anthropogenic heat on urban climate using a top-down methodology

Petrik, Ronny; Grawe, David; Schlünzen, K. Heinke

Effects of Urban Form and Atmospheric Stability on Local Microclimate

Drach, Patricia; Emmanuel, Rohinton

Urban Heat Island of Arctic cities

Konstantinov, Pavel; Baklanov, Alexander; Varentsov, Mikhail; Repina, Irina; Samsonov, Timofey

Vertical range of urban ‘heat island’ in Moscow

Lokoshchenko, Mikhail A.; Korneva, Irina A.; Kochin, Alexander V.; Dubovetskiy, Andrey Z.; Kulizhnikova, Lyudmila K.; Razin, Pavel E.

Urban Heat Island in the Lyon metropolitan areas.

Diallo-Dudek, Julita

UDC2: Impact of Urban forms on comfort II : temperate and cold climate cities
Location: Spot Room
Chair: Erik Johansson, Lund University

The impact of urban geometry on the radiant environment in outdoor spaces

Chatzipoulka, Christina; Nikolopoulou, Marialena; Watkins, Richard

Neighbourhood morphology and solar irradiance in relation to urban climate

Mohajeri, Nahid; Gudmundsson, Agust; Assouline, Dan; Scartezzini, Jean-Louis

Climate-Conscious Development of an Urban Area

Baranka, Györgyi; Ongjerth, Richárd; Szkordilisz, Flóra; Kocsis, Orsolya

Numerical analysis of heat environment in central Tokyo using tree-crown-resolving large-eddy simulation considering three-dimensional radiation process

Matsuda, Keigo; Onishi, Ryo; Yamada, Satoshi; Yamato, Hiroaki; Ishikawa, Mikiko; Takahashi, Keiko

Sensitivity of Perceived Temperature on meteorological variables and urban morphology parameters

Schoetter, Robert; Grawe, David; Hoffmann, Peter; Kirschner, Peter; Schlünzen, K.Heinke; Grätz, Angelika

An evaluation of the effects of heat ray retro-reflective film on the outdoor thermal environment using a radiant analysis method considering directional reflection

Yoshida, Shinji; Yumino, Saori; Mochida, Akashi; Uchida, Taiki

Creating Urban Cool Islands effects for summer season in Toulouse new area: urban microclimate adaptation

Martins, Tathiane Agra de Lemos; Adolphe, Luc; Bonhomme, Marion; Faraut, Serge; Ginestet, Stéphane; Michel, Charlotte; Bonneaud, Frédéric

Coffee break
CCMA3: Climate Impact studies & adaptation strategies
Location: Caravelle Room
Chair: Matei Georgescu, Arizona State University

Characteristics of heat wave impacts for major cities in the US under current and future climate conditions

Hanna, Adel; Ching, Jason; Pinto, Joseph

Impact of urban form on sunlight availability for urban farming in Asian cities at different latitudes

Tablada, Abel

Impacts of a future city master plan on thermal and wind environments in Vinh city, Vietnam

Iizuka, Satoru; Ito, Tatsunori; Miyata, Masato

Vulnerability to heat waves: impact of urban expansion scenarios on urban heat island and heat stress in Paris (France)

Lemonsu, Aude; Viguié, Vincent; Daniel, Maxime; Masson, Valéry

TUKUP3: Amendment and development of urban planning regulation
Location: Cassiopée Room
Chair: Lisette Klok, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Urban Climate, Human behavior and Energy consumption : from LCZ mapping to simulation and urban planning (the MapUCE project)

Masson, Valéry; Hidalgo, Julia; Amossé, Alexandre; Belaid, Fateh; Bocher, Erwan; Bonhomme, Marion; Bourgeois, Alexis; Bretagne, Geneviève; Caillerez, Sophie; Cordeau...

Developing design guidelines for climate-responsive green infrastructure

Klemm, Wiebke; Lenzholzer, Sanda; van den Brink, Adri

Enhancing adaptation to climate change in urban environments through brownfield or vacant land

Cavan, Gina

How is urban climate taken into account in urban design? Focus on French eco labels of urban design

Chouillou, Delphine; Haoues-Jouve, Sinda

The Assessment Report for Climate Change in Cities (ARC3 -2) Urban Planninng and Design

Raven, Jeffrey

UCP3: UHI characteristics III : UHI micro-scale variability
Location: St-Exupéry Amphitheater
Chair: Baomin Wang, Sun Yat-sen University

Urban heat island study between different size of towns and cities

Sun, Chen-Yi

A Simple Statistical Model for Predicting Fine Scale Spatial Temperature Variability in Urban Settings

Vant-Hull, Brian Lee; Karimi, Maryam; Sossa, Awalou

Mapping of micro-meteorological conditions using statistical approaches - The example of Stuttgart

Ketterer, Christine; Matzarakis, Andreas

Cross-analysis between variability of the urban climate and the landscape heterogeneity at the scale of a neighbourhood for a subgrid parametrization in TEB model

Le Bras, Julien; Gaudio, Noémie; Lemonsu, Aude; Legain, Dominique; Quintero, Lina; Masson, Valéry

Multilevel Analysis of Spatiotemporal Regime of Air Temperature in Urban and Suburban Landscape (Case study: The Town of Olomouc, Czech Republic

VYSOUDIL, Miroslav

The heterogeneity of urban thermal environment during summertime as observed by in situ and remotely sensed measurements

Chen, Feng

UDC3: Impact of Urban forms on comfort I : tropical and arid climate cities
Location: Spot Room
Chair: Chao REN, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Evaluation of the effect of densification of the built environment on outdoor thermal comfort in warm-humid Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Johansson, Erik; Yahia, Moohammed Wasim

The role of urban design in enhancing the microclimate and thermal comfort in warm-humid Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

YAHIA, Moohammed Wasim; Johansson, Erik


Masiero, Érico; Souza, Léa Cristina Lucas de

Climate-Friendly Urban Design Process in Old Towns alongside the Persian Gulf, Case Study: Bushehr

Motalaei, Najmeh; Ranjbar, Ehsan

Application of airborne LiDAR and thermal Infrared technologies for the assessment of human biometeorological conditions in urban areas

Lin, Tzu-Ping; Chen, Yu-Cheng; Matzarakis, Andreas; Chen, Chih-Yu

Holistic Method on Performing Microclimate Analyses of an Urban Area in the Tropics

Ignatius, Marcel; Wong, Nyuk Hien; Jusuf, Steve Kardinal; Daniel Jun Chung, Hii

Ice breaker

Date: Tuesday, 21/Jul/2015
PLENARY1: Plenary session I : Adaptation of Asian Cities to Climate Change
Location: St-Exupéry Amphitheater
Chair: Gerald Mills, UCD

Adaptation of Asian Cities to Climate Change

Ng, Edward Yan-yung

CCMA4: UHI mitigation strategies I : urban expansion & climate change links
Location: Caravelle Room
Chair: Vincent Viguié, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech

Bamboo Structures: A perspective for Climate Change Mitigation

Korde, Chaaruchandra; Kandya, Anurag; Puttagunta, Sudhakar

The Impact of future urbanization on summer climate of Israel

KAPLAN, SHAI; Alfasi, Nurit; Georgescu, Matei; Kloog, Itai

Urban Climate Adaptation Impacts: A multi-scale assessment to examine modeling robustness

Georgescu, Matei

GD1: Surface UHI from satellite
Location: Cassiopée Room
Chair: Bénédicte Dousset, University of Hawai'i at Manoa

Cities as urban clusters: an empirical and large sample study of urban heat island intensity

Rybski, Diego; Zhou, Bin; Kropp, Jürgen P.

Directional analyses of UHI intensity over Delhi with respect to variations in vegetation cover in the National Capital Region of India

Kumar, Krishan; Pandey, Alok; Berwal, Shivesh

The Urban ‘Oasis’: High Resolution Landsat 5TM and ASTER Thermal Imagery Shows the Influence of Water Usage on City-Wide Temperatures in Dubbo, Australia

Tapper, Nigel James; Pankhania, Devna

Analysis of the impact of different temporal aggregation techniques of land surface temperature on SUHI indicators and the relationship of surface temperature with population density and night lighting.

Gawuc, Lech; Struzewska, Joanna

UCP4: Observations of Surface Energy and Water Balances
Location: St-Exupéry Amphitheater
Chair: Krzysztof Fortuniak, University o Lodz

The daytime energy budget of small parks in Mexico City and Lisbon, Portugal, as derived by tree sap-flow measurements and transpiration modeling

Barradas, Victor L; Ballinas, Monica; Andrade, Henrique; Alcoforado, Maria João

Multi-year energy balance and carbon dioxide fluxes over a residential neighborhood in a tropical city

Roth, Matthias; Jansson, Christer; Velasco, Eric

Micrometeorological impacts of an ephemeral desert city: The Burning Man experiment

Oliphant, Andrew J.; Bradford, Garrett

UCP7: Air Quality in Urban Boundary Layer : processes
Location: Spot Room
Chair: Nadège Blond, CNRS

A numerical study of pollutant entrainment in a street network

Coceal, Omduth; Cezana, Fernanda C; Goulart, Elisa V; Bohnenstengel, Sylvia I; Belcher, Stephen E

Impact of heat waves (HWs) on air pollution (case study for HWs episode in June-August 2010 in the Kiev city (Ukraine)

Snizhko, Sergiy; Shevchenko, Olga

A WRF-Chem modelling study to analyse the effect of urban greening and white roofs on urban air quality.

Fallmann, Joachim; Emeis, Stefan; Forkel, Renate


Sanchez, Beatriz; Santiago, Jose Luis; Palacios, Magdalena; Kirchner, Frank; Martilli, Alberto

Coffee break
CCMA5: UHI mitigation strategies II : urban planning
Location: Caravelle Room
Chair: Nigel James Tapper, Monash University

An urban model for analysing thermal effects dependent on spatial parameters

Chen, Hungchu; Bauke, de Vries; Han, Qi

Isfahan's Urban Design Sustainability with Climate During Safavid Period.

Haghighat Bin, Mehdi; Bostani, Sima

Climatic aspects in the first city plan of Tel-Aviv (1925)

Balslev, Yaron Jorgen; Potchter, Oded; Matzarakis, Andreas

Urban heat islands in the future Hanoi City: Impacts on indoor thermal comfort and cooling load in residential buildings

Trihamdani, Andhang Rakhmat; Tung, Nguyen Huy; Kubota, Tetsu; Lee, Han Soo; Phuong, Tran Thi Thu

Thermal impact of blue infrastructure: Casestudy Cheonggyecheon, Seoul (Korea)

Philipp, Conrad Heinz; Wannous, Joullanar; Pakzad, Parisa

Simulating the extent of the moderating influence of green space distribution on future urban climates

Beyers, Meiring; Roth, Michael

GD2: Local climate zones I : WUDAPT
Location: Cassiopée Room
Chair: Rohinton Emmanuel, Glasgow Caledonian University

An introduction to the WUDAPT project

Mills, Gerald; Jason, Ching; Linda, See; Benjamin, Betchel

CENSUS of Cities: LCZ Classification of Cities (Level 0): Workflow and Initial Results from Various Cities

Bechtel, Benjamin; Foley, Mícheál; Mills, Gerald; Ching, Jason; See, Linda; Alexander, Paul; O’Connor, Martin; Albuquerque, Taciana; Andrade, Maria de Fatima; Brovelli...

Generating WUDAPT’s Specific Scale-dependent Urban Modeling and Activity Parameters: Collection of Level 1 and Level 2 Data

See, Linda; Ching, Jason; Masson, Valéry; Feddema, Johannes; Mills, Gerald; Neophytou, Marina; Foley, Mícheál; O'Connor, Martin; Perger, Christoph; Duerauer...

Demonstrating the Added Value of WUDAPT for Urban Modelling

Feddema, Johan; Mills, Gerald; Ching, Jason

The Portal Component, Strategic Perspectives and Review of Tactical plans for Full Implementation of WUDAPT

Ching, Jason K; Mills, Gerald; See, Linda; Bechtel, Benjamin; Feddema, Johannes; Hanna, Adel; Milcinski, Grega; Masson, Valery; Neophytou, Marina; Stewart, Iain; Wang...

Comparison and integration of LCZ classification methods based remote sensing and GIS

Gál, Tamás; Bechtel, Benjamin; Lelovics, Eniko; Unger, János

UCP5: Observations of Greenhouse gases fluxes
Location: St-Exupéry Amphitheater
Chair: Moon-Soo Park, Weather Information Service Engine

Eddy covariance flux towers as urban monitoring systems of greenhouse gases: the Mexico City experience

Velasco, Erik; Peralta, Oscar; Espinosa-Fuentes, Maria de la Luz; Ortinez, Abraham; Basaldud, Roberto

Carbon dioxide flux measurement in the central area of Tokyo

Hirano, Tatsuki; Sugawara, Hirofumi; Kondo, Hiroaki; Murayama, Shohei

Carbon dioxide fluxes of turfgrass species in urban turfs in Hong Kong

KONG, Ling; CHU, Lee Man

Net turbulent fluxes of methane and carbon dioxide in the city of Lódz, Poland – comparison of diurnal and seasonal variability

Pawlak, Wlodzimierz; Fortuniak, Krzysztof

Seasonal and inter-annual variation of CO2 flux and concentration in Basel

Schmutz, Michael; Vogt, Roland; Parlow, Eberhard

Quantification of the surface-atmosphere exchange of energy and carbon dioxide of an extensive urban green roof by eddy covariance measurements

Heusinger, Jannik; Weber, Stephan

UCP7 (cont): Air Quality in Urban Boundary Layer : processes
Location: Spot Room
Chair: Xuemei Wang, Sun Yat-sen University

Turbulence and pollutant transport in urban roughness sublayer under stable stratification: a large-eddy simulation

Li, Xian-Xiang; Britter, Rex; Norford, Leslie

The ClearfLo project – Are sea breezes a mechanism to change the air in London?

Bohnenstengel, Sylvia I; Kotthaus, Simone; Barlow, Janet F; Grimmond, CSB; Coceal, O; Halios, CH; Lean, HW; Tremper, A; Green, D; Crilley, L; Hamilton, JF; Visser...

Simulations of Pollutant Dispersal over Nairobi City, Kenya

OTIENO, George

On the Transport of Chemically Reactive Pollutants over Urban Roughness in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer

WU, Zhangquan


Santiago, Jose Luis; Sanchez, Beatriz; Martilli, Alberto

Lunch break
GD3: Local climate zones II : methodologies and maps
Location: Cassiopée Room
Chair: Gerald Mills, UCD

Applying "Local Climate Zone (LCZ)" into a High-density High-rise Cities - A Case Study in Hong Kong

REN, Chao; ZHENG, Yingsheng; SHI, Yuan; LAU, Kevin; Yim, Steve; HO, Justin; Ng, Edward

Exploiting Earth Observation data products for mapping Local Climate Zones

Mitraka, Zina; Chrysoulakis, Nektarios; Gastellu-Etchegorry, Jean Philippe; Del Frate, Fabio

Building Local Climate Zones basing on socio-economical and topographic vectorial databases


UCP6: Radiation processes
Location: St-Exupéry Amphitheater
Chair: James Voogt, Western University

Urban-rural differences in longwave radiation – Lódz case study

Fortuniak, Krzysztof; Pawlak, Wlodzimierz; Siedlecki, Mariusz; Zielinski, Mariusz

Spatial variability, horizontal anisotropy and diurnal evolution of measured infra-red fluxes in a city neighborhood of Toulouse

Carissimo, Bertrand; Qu, Yongfeng; Bresson, Raphael; Daviau, Noelie; Gaudio, Noemie; Milliez, Maya

Investigation of the effect of different sealed surfaces on local climate and thermal stress

Weihs, Philipp; Hasel, Stefan; Mursch-Radlgruber, Erich; Gützer, Christian; Krispel, Stefan; Peyerl, Martin

UCP8: Influence of mesoscale flows
Location: Caravelle Room
Chair: Hiroyuki Kusaka, University of Tsukuba

Alpine pumping and urban climate in Munich, Germany

Kossmann, Meinolf; Graf, Maximilian; Trusilova, Kristina; Mühlbacher, Gudrun

High frequency recovering technique of turbulent inflow for LES of urban wind

Kawai, Hidenori; Tamura, Tetsuro


Sequera, Pedro Elias; Gonzalez, Jorge E.; McDonald, Kyle; LaDochy, Steve; Comarazamy, Daniel

UDC4: Impact of Urban forms on comfort III : theoretical studies
Location: Spot Room
Chair: Evyatar Erell, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Effects of Different Floor Covering Materials on Thermal Comfort in Landscape Design Studies

Irmak, Mehmet Akif; Yilmaz, Sevgi

Impact of Urban Morphology on Average Urban Albedo

Yang, Xinyan; Li, Yuguo

Analysis of human thermal conditions in winter for different urban structures in Erzurum

YILMAZ, Hasan; DemirciogluYildiz, Nalan; Avdan, Ugur; Koç, Ahmet; Matzarakis, Andreas

Poster session : All posters displayed on Monday and Tuesday
POSTER 1: UCP - UHI characteristics and micro-scale variability

Interaction of Urban Heat-island Intensity With Heatwaves: A Numerical Study

Ramamurthy, Prathap; Bou-Zeid, Elie

Numerical simulations on Influence of Urban Land Cover Expansion and Anthropogenic Heat Release on Urban Meteorological Environment in Pearl River Delta, China


Dimensional analysis of the urban canopy heat island

Theeuwes, Natalie; Steeneveld, Gert-Jan; Ronda, Reinder; Holtslag, Bert


Wang, Baomin; Ding, Shuoyi; Qiao, Guanjin; Guo, Yuanyuan; Wu, Yuxuan

Important Role of Thermal Inertia for Urban Heat Island Circulation Dynamics

Onishi, Masanori; Iizawa, Isao; Fukuzawa, Miki; Sakai, Satoshi; Umetani, Kazuhiro; Ito, Aya; Yajima, Arata; Ono, Kosaku; Amemura, Naoki

Modeling New York City impacts on local and suburban weather during the July 2010 heat wave

Ortiz, Luis E.; Gonzalez, Jorge E.; Wu, Wei; Bornstein, Robert; Schoonen, Martin; Tongue, Jeffrey

Urbanization Impacts on Climatology of Planetary Boundary Layer Heights over the Continental United States

Yang, Long; Niyogi, Dev; Schmid, Paul

Study of urban atmospheric boundary layer height analysis by aerosol lidar and ceilometer

Choi, Min-Hyeok; Park, Moon-Soo; Song, Yun-young

Observations of the morning growth of the Urban Convective Boundary Layer

Halios, Christos H; Barlow, Janet

Modelling the seasonal dependency of contributions to urban heat islands in Belgium

Wouters, Hendrik; Demuzere, Matthias; De Ridder, Koen; Blahak, Ulrich; van Lipzig, Nicole P. M.

Urban Heat Island Assessment for a Tropical Urban Air-shed in Bangladesh

Das, Mohan Kumar; Karmakar, Samarendra

Meteorological characteristics in urban green areas using multi sensor

Kim, Geun-Hoi; Lee, Dae-Geun; Shin, Seung-Sook; Nam, Kyung-Yeub; Choi, Byoung-Choel

Assessing the impact of upwind urbanization on the urban heat island effect of downwind areas: a case study in Wuhan, China

Zhou, Xuefan; Chen, Hong

Effect of Urban Morphology on the Urban Air Temperature - Traverse Study

Yang, Xinyan; Wang, Xiaoxue; Li, Yuguo

Urban heat island as a result of land use land cover changes over an Urban set up

Mbithi, Daniel Muange; Demassie, Ermias Teferi; Kashiri, Tendai Peter


Rob, Dr. Md. Abdur; Kabir, Dr. Md Humayun; Rabby, Yasin Wahid

Multiyear underground thermal interaction between the soil, the building and the atmosphere




Effect of urbanization on the urban climate in coastal city, Fukuoka-Kitakyushu metropolitan area, Japan

Kawamoto, Yoichi


SAJJAD, Sajjad Hussain; SHAHZAD, Khuram; BATOOL, Rabia

A study on the temperature distributions in coastal and high-rise urban area

Sasaki, Masaru; Yokoyama, Makoto; Matsuo, Kaoru; Tanaka, Takahiro; Sadohara, Satoru

Comparison of the temperatures of a concrete roof and a green area in central Tokyo

Takaoka, Eiko

Experiments on community heat island intensity in hot-humid area of China

Wu, Jie; Hong, Xiaowei; Wang, Yongliang; Shi, Yurong; Mai, Jinbo; Zhang, Yufeng

Extraction of diurnal variation patterns of the heat island intensity by the fixed point observation and multivariate analysis:in August, 2013 in Kumagaya, Japan

Nakamura, Yusuke; Shigeta, Yoshinori

The Urban Heat Island Intensities in Greek cities as a function of the characteristics of the built environment

Papamanolis, Nikos; Dimelli, Despina; Ragia, Lemonia

Analysis of Urban Heat Island Estimates under Varying Land Use/Land Cover and Reference Site Conditions Using WRF Model

Bhati, Shweta; Mohan, Manju

Investigation of urban heat island of Norilsk and Apatity cities in Russian Arctic with usage experimental measurements and remote sensing

Varentsov, Mikhail; Konstantinov, Pavel; Repina, Irina; Samsonov, Timofey

Analysis of heat environment change in the Seoul metropolitan area of Korea by urbanization during 10 years (2000-2009)

LEE, Bo-Ra; NAM, Kyung-Yeub; LEE, Dae-Geun; SHIN, Seung-Sook; CHOI, Byoung-Choel

Quantifying the influence of geourbans variables in the variability of urban heat island in a small town in Brazil

Alves, Elis Dener Lima; Vecchia, Francisco Arthur Silva; Lopes, Antonio; Anjos, Max

POSTER 10: UCP - Interaction between cities and mesoscale flows and precipitations

Modeling impacts of New-York-City metropolitan land cover on regional precipitation

Wu, Wei; Ortiz, Luis; Gonzalez, Jorge; Bornstein, Robert; Schoonen, Martin; Tongue, Jeffrey

Characteristics of the spatiotemporal pattern of Extreme Rainfall event over the state of Uttarakhand, India

Bharti, Vidhi; Singh, Charu


Thapa Chhetri, Deepak Bikram; Moriwaki, Rio


Sijapati, Sweata; Moriwaki, Ryo

Observations and numerical simulations for TOMACS urban heavy rainfall cases

Seino, Naoko; Sugawara, Hirofumi; Oda, Ryoko; Aoyagi, Toshinori

Interaction of Singapore and Johor Bahru on urban climate during monsoon seasons

Kraus, Jochen; Trihamdani, Andhang Rakhmat; Kubota, Tetsu; Lee, Han Soo; Kawamura, Kensuke

land use changes of eastern egyptian desert for suastainable urban development

Abdel wahab, Mohamed Magdy

Effect of the River in the Urban Area on Local Climate in the Vicinity of the River

Kakitsuba, Naoshi

Idealized experiments on the development of urban warming under various geographical conditions using a meso-scale meteorological model

Ito, Rui; Satomura, Takehiko; Takemi, Tetsuya

effect of small-scale surface heterogeneities and buildings on radiation fog

Thierry, BERGOT; Juan, ESCOBAR; Valery, MASSON

The altered hydrologic cycle of the Mexico City basin.

Vargas, Nuria Delia; Magaña, Víctor

POSTER 11: GD - Surface UHI from satellite

Evaluation of the Influence of Land-use/Land-cover Change on the Surface Temperature of Federal Capital City Abuja,Nigeria

Adamu Ibrahim, Abdulhamed; Osawe Iguisi, Edwin; Joy, Usman; Chidebele, Ifeanyichukwu; Sani Umar, Usman; Usman Kibon, Ado; Ajiya Sawa, Bulus; Musa Jaro, Ibrahim

Investigating Urban Cool Islands In Semi Arid Areas, With the case study of Erbil.

Rasul, Azad Othman; Balzter, Prof. Heiko; Smith, Dr Claire

Combining Satellite and Ground Observations to Assess the Urban Heat Island in Morocco

FATHI, Najlaa; MESSOULI, Mohammed; BOUNOUA, Lahouari

Analysis of Surface Temperature Accuracy in ASTER Images according to Land-Use Type

Song, Bongguen; Park, Kyunghun

Geospatial Assessment of Urban Expansion and Land Surface Temperature in Akure, Nigeria

Balogun, Ifeoluwa Adebowale; Samakinwa, Eric Kayode

Urbanisation Influence on Microclimatic Conditions of a Pre-Colonial City in Nigeria

Balogun, Ifeoluwa Adebowale; Akinbobola, Ademola; Balogun, Adedoyin Ahmed

Urban ‘heat island’ in Moscow by satellite data

Lokoshchenko, Mikhail A.; Sorokina, Eugenia A.

Observation of Urban Thermal Regime in Abu Dhabi city using Satellite Remote Sensing

Kambhampati, Rajakrishna; Marpu, Prashanth Reddy; Armstrong, Peter; Martin, Miguel

Identify oh heat island through the remote sensing in the Santarém Municipality.

Feitosa, Joao Roberto; Andrade, Silvia Cristina; Silva, Joao de Ataydes; Lola, Antonio Carlos

Analysing the climatic effects of local block rehabilitation programs in Budapest-Ferencvaros

Pongracz, Rita; Bartholy, Judit; Dezso, Zsuzsanna; Dian, Csenge

Analysing the urban vegetation effect using satellite imagery for Budapest

Bartholy, Judit; Pongracz, Rita; Dezso, Zsuzsanna; Fricke, Cathy; Molnar, Gergely; Radics, Kornelia

POSTER 12: GD - Local Climate Zones and urban databases

Urban surface parameter (SVF, roughness) calculation using 3D urban database

Skarbit, Nóra; Gál, Tamás

Impact of spatial and spectral resolutions on the classification of urban areas

Oltra-Carrió, Rosa; Briottet, Xavier; Bonhomme, Marion

Scaling of cities into the future: Using scaling relations of the recent past to assess 21st century projections of urban growth

Krehbiel, Cole; Jackson, Trisha; Henebry, Geoffrey

Detection of Urban Area from Landsat 8 for Mesoscale Modeling Purposes

Darmanto, Nisrina Setyo; Varquez, Alvin Christopher Galang; Kanda, Manabu

An automatic GIS procedure to calculate urban densities to use in Urban Climatic Maps

Correia, Ezequiel; Lopes, António; Marques, David

POSTER 2: UCD - Impact of urban forms on comfort and ventilation

Climatically Adapted Piloti Arrangement and Ratio of Residential Blocks in a Subtropical Climate City

Zhou, Zeng; Deng, Qinli; Mochida, Akashi

Study on the Green Strategies of Chinese “Neo-vernacular Architecture” Design

Wang, Ying; Li, Xiaofeng; Gan, Yuelang

Microclimate Regulation by Trees in a Subtropical High-Density Urban Environment during Sunny and Cloudy Weather

Tan, Zheng


Minella, Flavia; Kruger, Eduardo

Study on the Cooling Effects of Green Spaces for Improving the Outdoor Thermal Environment in the High-density Cities: A Case Study of Macau Peninsula

Gong, Fangying; Ng, Edward Y Y; Ren, Chao

Influence of different urban configurations on human thermal conditions in a typical subtropical coast city: case of Santos, São Paulo

Abreu-Harbich, Loyde Vieira de; Labaki, Lucila Chebel; Matzarakis, Andreas

Variability of longwave radiation in a midsize city: Experiments in free spaces in São Carlos-SP.

Zen de Figueiredo NEVES, Gustavo; Augusto Felício, Ricardo; Soares Macedo, Silvio; Dener Lima Alves, Elis

Green infrastructure enhancement in Glasgow: A proposal based on Local Climate Zone evaluation of urban morphology in a shrinking city

Emmanuel, Rohinton; Drach, Patricia Regina Chavez; Loconsole, Alessandro

Cold and urban design. Challenging Russian cities

Nesterova, Anna

The influence of urban geometry on thermal comfort of public open spaces for Italian climate zones

Martinelli, Letizia; Matzarakis, Andreas

Architectural bioclimatic analysis of kashan and presentation

daryaei, rahmat; ebrahimi, hojat; pirhadi tavandashti, hadi; mohammadi, saeed

Quantification of thermal bioclimate of Erzurum based on different land uses and thermal band information

Yilmaz, Sevgi; Yilmaz, Hasan; Demircioglu Yildiz, Nalan; Irmak, M. Akif

Mill Avenue, Tempe, AZ Downtown Microclimate - an APA-designated Best Street

brazel, anthony james; crewe, katherine crewe; middel, ariane middel; kaplan, shai kaplan

Summer and winter thermal and comfort conditions inside a vegetated courtyard area of a Mediterranean city (Athens)

Christopoulou, Vasiliki; Tsiros, Ioannis; Hoffman, Milo

Study of urban ventilation corridor planning method based on a case study of Guiyang, China

Guan, Yugang; Chen, Hong; Zhou, Xuefan


Drach, Patricia Regina Chaves; Corbella, Oscar Daniel; Drach, Henrique

Using GIS tools to assess the urban environment influence on the particles concentration variability in Paris

Duché, Sarah; Madelin, Malika

Role of Vegetation, urban morphology and building rise in air quality and urban heat island: simulations in five Parisian neighborhoods.

ORTIZ, Alberto; CARIOLET, Jean-Marie; COLOMBERT, Morgane; BECUE, Vincent

Analysis of Detailed Air Flows in Urban Areas Using GIS Data and a CFD Model

Kwon, A-Rum; Kang, Geon; Kim, Jae-Jin

POSTER 3: CCMA - Climate modelling tools, impact studies and adaptation strategies

Numerical Simulation on Regional Climate Change Accompanying the Rapid Urbanization of Greater Ho Chi Minh City Metropolitan over the Past 20 Years

Doan, Quang Van; Kusaka, Hiroyuki

Simulations of Moscow agglomeration climate with COSMO-CLM regional model, coupled with TEB urban scheme, for present and future climate

Varentsov, Mikhail; Konstantinov, Pavel; Samsonov, Timofey; Trusilova, Kristina

Régionalisation des paramètres climatiques. Cas de la ville de Annaba



Al-Taiee, Thair Mahmood

Future climate of Brussels and Paris for the 2050s under the A1B scenario

Hamdi, Rafiq; Giot, Olivier; De Troch, Rozemien; Deckmyn, Alex; Termonia, Piet

Future air quality of the Brussels Capital Region for the 2050s under A1B emission scenario

De Troch, Rozemien; Delcloo, Andy; Hamdi, Rafiq; Giot, Olivier; Deckmyn, Alex; Termonia, Piet

Mitigating the impact of environmental degradation on climatic change and global warming

Kayemba, William; Dembe, Skyler Jayden; Ssemambo, Simon Peter; Muyiyi, Caroline

Projection of the rural and urban human thermal comfort in the Netherlands for 2050

Molenaar, Roy; Heusinkveld, Bert; Steeneveld, Gert-Jan

Long-term variability of suburban energy and water exchanges in Vancouver

Kokkonen, Tom Valtteri; Grimmond, Sue; Ward, Helen; Christen, Andreas; Oke, Tim; Hayn, Manuela; Järvi, Leena

Contribution of Urbanization and Future Climate Change to Urban Heat Island: Case Study of a Severe Heat Wave over Beijing, China

Yang, Long; Niyogi, Dev; Smith, James; Tewari, Mukul; Aliaga, Daniel; Chen, Fei; Tian, Fuqiang; Ni, Guangheng

Monitoring of Air pollution and black cloud influence on Aerosol optical properties over Nile Delta based on Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) and climatic data from 2002-2012

Ismael, Hossam

Vulnerability and Adaptation in the Ukrainian Cities under Climate Change

Shevchenko, Olga; Snizhko, Sergiy

Warming of the annual minimum temperatures of rural and urban stations in the French Mediterranean region (1951-2010)

Douguédroit, Annick; Bridier, Sebastien

The decadal projection of the Belgian urban heat island under changing climate and land use

Berckmans, Julie; Hamdi, Rafiq

Environmental Impacts of Wind Power in Egypt

Salim, Mohamed Mohamed Hefny

Study on measures for adaptation to future climate change in a Japanese major city Nagoya using pseudo global warming downscaling method

Ymakawa, Youhei; Kikegawa, Yukihiro; Aoki, Shohei; Kondo, Hiroaki; Takane, Yuya; Hara, Masayuki; Iizuka, Satoru

Assessment of landscape design to fight against Urban Heat Island effects through various combinations of heat mitigation strategies

Zhao, T. F.; Fong, K. F.

New funding programs related to urban climate and urban adaptation

Dostal, Paul; Andreas, Baumgärtner

POSTER 4: TUKUP - Public policies and practicies

Implementing Climate Resiliency through Local Disaster Recovery Planning

Schechtman, Judd; Rosenthal, Joyce Klein

POSTER 5: UCP - Flux observations

On the anthropogenic heat release due to vehicle traffic determination in Mexico City: a preliminary study

Bonifacio-Bautista, Martin; Jazcilevich, Aron; Barradas, Victor L

Measurements of the Green Roof Energy Balance in Three Canadian Cities

Kurukulaarachchi, Dimuth; Voogt, James; Staniec, Maja; Smart, C. Chris; O'Carroll, Denis; Wrona, Elizabeth; Sia, Maria; Robinson, Clare

Longterm measurments of the urban energy and CO2 flux in Dublin, Ireland

Keogh, Stephanie; Mills, Gerald; Fealy, Rowan

The hourly profile of the anthropogenic component of the surface energy balance for the urban region of the Mexico City

Salas, Gloria Victoria


Marras, Serena; Sirca, Costantino; Bellucco, Veronica; Sanna, Laura; Ferrara, Roberto; Duce, Pierpaolo; Spano, Donatella

POSTER 6: NOMTM - Vegetation in urban canopy parameterizations

Development and implementation of tree processes in an urban canopy model

Ryu, Young-Hee; Bou-Zeid, Elie; Wang, Zhihua; Smith, James

POSTER 7: UCP - Air quality in urban boundary layer

Air quality in São Paulo – Brazil: temporal evolution and spatial distribution of carbon monoxide, coarse particulate matter and ozone

Ribeiro, Flávia Noronha Dutra; Souza, Luana Antunes Tolentino; Salinas, Delhi Teresa Paiva; Soares, Jacyra; Oliveira, Amauri Pereira de; Miranda, Regina Maura de

Particle Matters (PM) air pollution in the metropolitan area of Haifa, Israel - The role of synoptic conditions and wind regime

Saaroni, Hadas; Levi, Eldad; Givati, Reuven; Ziv, Baruch

Evaluation of the mesoscale effect of photocatalytic pavements and vegetation on air quality

Martilli, Alberto; Palacios, Magdalena; Santiago, Jose Luis

The ClearfLo project – The influence of turbulent mixing properties of London’s urban boundary layer on surface and elevated O3 and NOX pollutant concentrations

Bohnenstengel, SI; Belcher, SE; Barlow, JF; Coceal, O; Halios, CH; Helfter, C; Lee, J

Reduction of pollutant concentrations within the urban canopy and indoor environment

Tanimoto, Misaki; Ooka, Ryozo; Kikumoto, Hideki

Aerosol Pollution over the largest cities of Russia

Malinina, Elizaveta P.; Chubarova, Natalia Ye.; Sviridenkov, Mikhail A.


akanni, cornelius oyetunji

Aircraft measurements and WRF-FARM modeling of ozone, particles and pollutants in the city of Naples-Caserta

Tyagi, Bhishma; Gasbarra, Daniele; Agrillo, Giuseppe; Magliulo, Vincenzo; Gioli, Beniamino; Riccio, Angelo; Carlucci, Pantaleone; Shindler, Luca; Toscano, Piero; Zaldei...


Famulari, Daniela; Russo, Ida; Tirimberio, Giuseppina; Vuolo, Raffaella; Di Tommasi, Paul; Esposito, Andrea; Gioli, Beniamino; Magliulo, Vincenzo; Mazzarella, Adriano; Ri...

Contributions of Biomass Burning and Traffic Emissions to Particulate Matter at two Urban Sites within the Ruhr Area, Germany

Kuepper, Miriam; John, Astrid; Kuhlbusch, Thomas; Leinert, Stephan; Breuer, Ludger; Gladtke, Dieter; Schuck, Tanja; Weber, Stephan

A numerical study on the effects of street aspect ratio on reactive pollutants dispersion

Park, Soo-Jin; Kim, Jae-Jin; Park, Rokjin; Lee, Hankyung

POSTER 8: BPH/UDC - Outdoor microclimate, modelling and link with urban form

Evaluation on the outdoor thermal climate using an integrated urban canopy model and geographic information: a case study in Shenzhen

Liu, Lin; Liu, Jing; Song, Xiao-cheng; Lin, Yao-yu


de Freitas, Anne Falcão; dos Santos, Joel Silva; de Lima, Rita Baltazar; da Silva, Richarde Marques

Human thermal comfort within an urban district dependent on topography and different planning scenarios - numerical case study for the city of Stuttgart (Southwest Germany) on a heat wave day

Lee, Hyunjung; Mayer, Helmut

The impact of green space distribution on the microclimate of idealized urban grids.

Vartholomaios, Aristotelis

An economical method to estimate the air temperature and humidity around buildings on long time scales

Yang, Xiaoshan; Zhao, Lihua

Quantifying the impact of surface heterogeneities on the radiative response of a simplified urban surface

Kotthaus, Simone; Inagaki, Atsushi; Lindberg, Fredrik; Grimmond, Sue; Kanda, Manabu

Street geometry design and its effect on mean radiant temperature: A parametric study based on numerical modelling

Lau, Kevin Ka-Lun; Thorsson, Sofia; Lindberg, Fredrik; Holmer, Björn

Validation of ENVI-met PMV values with in-situ measurements

Jeong, Dain; Park, Kyunghun; Song, Bonggeun; Kim, Gyeongah; Choi, Chulhyun; Moon, Byunghyun

Analysis of the Cool Roof Effect through a Building Modeling Experiment

Kim, Gyeongah; Park, Kyunghun; Song, Bonggeun; Jeong, Dain; Choi, Chulhyun; Seo, Kyeongho

Study of human thermal comfort for architecture in China – The Example of Shanghai

Yang, Shi-Qi; Matzarakis, Andreas

Mean Radiant Temperature in urban spaces from solar calculations, climate and surface properties – theory and 'Mr.T' software

Cohen, Shabtai; Palatchi, Yaniv; Potchter, Danielle; Yaakov, Yaron; Tanny, Josef; Shashua-Bar, Limor; Potchter, Oded

ARIStree – A L-System-Based Plant Modeling Tool for ENVI-met

Hofmeyer, Jan; Bruse, Michael

Optimizing Outdoor comfort of pedestrian and open space in cities base on climatic conditions ,Case study the KASHAN city.

ebrahimi, hojat; hasanimoghadam, gholamreza; ghomshe, masuomeh

Temporal differences of urban-rural biometeorological factors for planning and tourism in Szeged, Hungary

Vitt, Ronja; Gulyás, Ágnes; Matzarakis, Andreas

Analysis of 3D radiant fluxes using SOLWEIG in complex urban area

Kwon, Hyuk-Gi; Yi, Chaeyeon; Kwon, Tae Heon; Choi, Young-Jean

Analysis and modelling of meso- and microscale urban climate in Bucharest, Romania

Wicki, Andreas; Vogt, Roland; Parlow, Eberhard

Raytracing of solar radiation for urban microclimate study

Wong, Nyuk Hien; Hii, Daniel Jun Chung; Jusuf, Steve Kardinal

Evaluation of mitigation strategies to improve pedestrian comfort in a typical Mediterranean city

Buccolieri, Riccardo; Maggiotto, Giuseppe; Di Sabatino, Silvana

The heat stress assessment of two contrasted outdoor urban environments: the examples of Lisbon (Portugal) and Bucharest (Romania).

Marques, David Gonçalves; Lopes, António Saraiva; Bojariu, Roxana

Analysis of 3 Dimensional Sunshine Duration Environment in an Urban Area


The variation of sky view factor from urban geometry

Lee, Kwanho; Levermore, Geoff


Ono, Azusa; Sasaki, Kiyoshi; Yokota, Shigehiro

Effects of changing surface characteristics and design on the microclimate of a tropical urban area using the model Solene

Sousa Nascentes Marra, Natália Carolina

Using lichen diversity to evaluate the impact of Urban Heat Island Effect

Branquinho, Cristina

POSTER 9: CCMA - UHI mitigation strategies

Impact of urban expansion and densification on local climate

Jamandre, Carlo Agapay; Hart, Melissa; Pitman, Andrew

Moderation of summertime heat-island phenomena via modification of the urban form in the Tokyo metropolitan area

Adachi, Sachiho A.; Kimura, Fujio; Kusaka, Hiroyuki; Duda, Michael G.; Yamagata, Yoshiki; Seya, Hajime; Nakamichi, Kumiko; Aoyagi, Toshinori

Modeling NOx and benzene emissions and exposure from road traffic and domestic heaters in street canyons: a case-study in Verona, Italy

Schiavon, Marco; Redivo, Martina; Antonacci, Gianluca; Rada, Elena Cristina; Ragazzi, Marco; Zardi, Dino; Giovannini, Lorenzo

Mitigation of Urban Heat Island of Prague

Zak, Michal; Zahradnicek, Pavel; Kazmukova, Maria; Ales, Dominik

Poster session & Coffee break
BPH1: Modeling of outdoor microclimate & comfort
Location: Spot Room
Chair: David Pearlmutter, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

The role of trees in urban thermal comfort and SkyView Factor

Yilmaz, Sevgi; Koc, Ahmet; Irmak, Mehmet Akif; Matzarakis, Andreas

Developments and applications of thermal indices in urban structures by RayMan and SkyHelios model

Matzarakis, Andreas

Towards a city-wide analysis of mean radiant temperature at high spatial resolution – An example from Berlin, Germany

Jänicke, Britta; Meier, Fred; Lindberg, Fredrik; Scherer, Dieter

Heat-related health impacts associated with the urban heat island and climate change in the West Midlands, UK.

Heaviside, Clare Helen; Cai, Xiaoming; Mavrogianni, Anna; Taylor, Jonathon; Davies, Mike; Vardoulakis, Sotiris

A contribution to the summertime heat improvement in a marathon course by application of radiate and airflow simulation

Ashie, Yasunobu

A Multiscaler Thermal Analysis of Urban Playgrounds

Vanos, Jennifer; Middel, Ariane; Ruddell, Benjamin; Kuras, Evan

GD4: Local climate zones III : Inter & Infra-LCZ temperature variability
Location: Cassiopée Room
Chair: Iain Douglas Stewart, University of Toronto

Urban Heat Island Study using Local Climate Zones Classification: Nagpur City, India

Kotharkar, Rajashree Shashikant; Surawar, Meenal Mangesh; Kulkarni, Nilesh Kishor; Kandya, Anurag

Relationship between land use and microclimate based on mobile transect measurements

Häb, Kathrin; Middel, Ariane; Ruddell, Benjamin L.

Estimation of spatial air temperature distribution at sub-mesoclimatic scale using the Local Climate Zone scheme and mobile measurements

Leconte, François; Bouyer, Julien; Claverie, Rémy; Pétrissans, Mathieu

Determining the optimal size of local climate zones for spatial mapping in high-density cities

Lau, Kevin Ka-Lun; Shi, Yuan; Zheng, Yingsheng; Ren, Chao

A "Local Climate Zone" based approach to urban planning in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Perera, Narein; Emmanuel, Rohinton

Evaluating the urban climate using geo-database – GEOCLIM TOOL

Bernabé, Anne; Musy, Marjorie; Calmet, Isabelle; Bocher, Erwan; Andrieu, Hervé

NOMTM1: Urban Canopy parameterizations I : Urban vegetation
Location: St-Exupéry Amphitheater
Chair: Eric Scott Krayenhoff, University of British Columbia

A multi-layer urban canopy model for neighbourhoods with trees

Krayenhoff, E. Scott; Christen, Andreas; Martilli, Alberto; Oke, Timothy R.


Gutierrez, Estatio; Gonzalez, Jorge; Martilli, Alberto; Arend, Mark; Bornstein, Robert

The influence of tree crowns on urban thermal effective anisotropy

Dyce, Daniel; Voogt, James

VTUF: An urban micro-climate model to assess temperature moderation from increased vegetation and water in urban canyons

Nice, Kerry; Tapper, Nigel; Beringer, Jason; Coutts, Andew; Krayenhoff, Scott

Street trees in the urban canopy model TEB

Redon, Emilie; Lemonsu, Aude; Musy, Marjorie; Masson, Valéry; De Munck, Cécile; Chancibault, Katia

Modelling the impact of green infrastructures on local microclimate within an idealized homogeneous urban canopy

Tavares, Richard; Calmet, Isabelle; Dupont, Sylvain

Modelling Radiative Exchange in a Vegetated Urban Street Canyon Model

Young, Duick T.; Clark, Peter A.; Hendry, Maggie A.; Barlow, Janet F.

UCP9: Impact of cities on precipitations
Location: Caravelle Room
Chair: Robert ("Bob") D. Bornstein, San Jose State University

The effect of urban environments on storm evolution through a radar-based climatology of the central United States

Calhoun, Kristin; Kingfield, Darrel; de Beurs, Kirsten; Henebry, Geoffrey

Impact of Urbanization on Local Circulation and Precipitation over the Leeward Mountain

Kusaka, Hiroyuki; Mizunari, Mayumi

Impact of urbanization on the Beijing Super-Storm of 21 July 2012 under current and future climatic conditions

Chen, Fei; Tewari, Mukul; Miao, Shiguang; Romero-Lankao, Paty

Numerical simulation of urban influence on summertime precipitation in Tokyo: How does urban temperature rise affect precipitation?

Seino, Naoko; Aoyagi, Toshinori; Tsuguti, Hiroshige

Modeling of the 26 August 2011 extreme precipitation event over Tokyo with Canada’s subkm-scale Global Environmental Multiscale (GEM) model

Belair, Stephane; Leroyer, Sylvie; Spacek, Lubos; Seino, Naoko

Cities & Storms: How Land Use, Settlement Patterns, and the Shapes of Cities Influence Severe Weather

Henebry, Geoffrey M.; Stensrud, David J.; Steiner, Allison L.; Small, Christopher; Musacchio, Laura R.; Jackson, Trisha L.; de Beurs, Kirsten M.; Calhoun, Kristin; Kaweck...

Urban Impacts on Regional Rainfall Climatology

Niyogi, Dev


Date: Wednesday, 22/Jul/2015
PLENARY2: Plenary session II: Influence of cities on thunderstorms, clouds, and precipitation
Location: St-Exupéry Amphitheater
Chair: Dev Niyogi, Purdue University

Influence of cities on thunderstorms, clouds, and precipitation

Bornstein, Robert {"Bob"} D.

BPH2: Indoor comfort and link with outdoor conditions
Location: Spot Room
Chair: Andreas Matzarakis, Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg

Indoor-outdoor environmental coupling and exposure risk to extreme heat and poor air quality during heat waves

Sailor, David J; Hu, Huafen; Wilhelmi, Olga; Banerjee, Deborah

Effect of urban pollution on indoor air quality in energy-efficient buildings in the UK

Luo, Zhiwen


Sasaki, Kiyoshi; Yumino, Saori; Mochida, Akashi

NOMTM2: Statistical models
Location: Caravelle Room
Chair: Patrice G. Mestayer, CNRS

Wind velocity profile observations for roughness parameterization of real urban surfaces

Lim, Jongyeon; Ooka, Ryozo; Kikumoto, Hideki

Calculation method for outdoor air temperature of wooded architectural complex

Wu, Jie; Mai, Jinbo; Zhang, Yufeng

An intra-urban nocturnal cooling rate model

Onomura, Shiho; Holmer, Björn; Lindberg, Fredrik; Thorsson, Sofia

An empirical approach to estimate the biogenic components of CO2 flux over different ecosystems

Bellucco, Veronica; Grimmond, Sue; Marras, Serena; Järvi, Leena; Spano, Donatella

UCP10: Influence of urban vegetation I : urban trees
Location: St-Exupéry Amphitheater
Chair: Oded Potchter, Tel Aiv University

Field Observation on Thermal Environment of an Urban Street with Roadside Trees in a Tropical Climate

Toh, Hai Jian; Zaki, Sheikh Ahmad; Hagishima, Aya; Mat Ali, Mohamed Sukri

Effects of Desert Tree Shade and Ground Cover Surface Cover on Human Comfort in an Arid City

Martin, Chris

Incorporating Resolved Vegetation in City-Scale Simulations of Urban Micrometeorology and Its Effect on the Energy Balance

Bailey, Brian N.; Overby, Matthew; Stoll, Rob; Pardyjak, Eric R.; Willemsen, Pete; Briggs, Kevin; Alexander, Daniel

UCP12: Flows & dispersion I : pollutant dispersion in urban canopy
Location: Cassiopée Room
Chair: Alberto Martilli, CIEMAT

Pollutant Exchange and Breathability in Urban Street Canyons

Nazarian, Negin; Martilli, Alberto; Kleissl, Jan

Characteristics of scalar dispersion from a continuous area source over a cubical array

Ikegaya, Naoki; Hagishima, Aya; Tanimoto, Jun

On the exchange velocity in street canyons with tree planting

DI SABATINO, SILVANA; Buccolieri, Riccardo; Leo, Laura S.; Pappaccogli, Gianluca

Coffee break
BPH3: Observation/surveys of outdoor comfort
Location: Spot Room
Chair: Ademola Akinbobola, Federal University of Technology, Akure

Thermal comfort conditions of urban spaces in a hot-humid climate of Chiangmai city, Thailand

Srivanit, Manat; Auttarat, Sudarat

Visitor perception of thermal comfort in two contrasting public landscape gardens during extreme heat events

Lam, Cho Kwong Charlie; Loughnan, Margaret; Tapper, Nigel

Impact of urban morphology on microclimatic conditions and outdoor thermal comfort – a study in mixed residential neighbourhood of Chennai, India.


Outdoor thermal comfort under photovoltaic canopies – a seasonal field study at Arizona State University

Middel, Ariane; Selover, Nancy; Chhetri, Nalini; Hagen, Björn

TUKUP4: Weather forecasting for city actors
Location: Caravelle Room
Chair: Shiguang Miao, Institute of Urban Meteorology, China Meteorological Administration, Beijing, China

From Urban Meteorology, Climate and Environment Research to Urban Integrated Services

Baklanov, Alexander

Numerical Weather Prediction System dedicated to Urban Comfort and Safety during the 2015 Pan-American Games in Toronto

Leroyer, Sylvie; Bélair, Stéphane; Abrahamowicz, Maria; Spacek, Lubos; Filion, Anna-Belle

Urban Climate Services in China: Current capabilities and future needs

Grimmond, C. S. B.; Tan, Jianguo; Fu, Xinshua; Ward, Helen

Climate information application for improved planning and management of cities

Yi, Chaeyeon; Kwon, Hyuk-Gi; Kim, Kyu Rang; An, Seung Man; Choi, Young-Jean; Scherer, Dieter

Summer in the city - High Resolution Modelling and Validation of Urban Weather for Amsterdam

Ronda, Reinder; Steeneveld, Gert-Jan; Attema, Jisk; Heusinkveld, Bert; Holtslag, Bert

UCP10 (cont): Influence of urban vegetation I : urban trees
Location: St-Exupéry Amphitheater
Chair: Fred Meier, Technische Universität Berlin

Weighing whole tree transpiration rate of urban trees and analysis of trees morpho-physiological effects

Kiyono, Tomoki; Asawa, Takashi; Hoyano, Akira; Shimizu, Katsuya

Transpiration of urban trees and its impact on nocturnal cooling in Gothenburg, Sweden

Konarska, Janina; Uddling Fredin, Johan; Holmer, Björn; Lutz, Martina; Lindberg, Fredrik; Pleijel, Håkan; Thorsson, Sofia

Observed and modelled transpiration cooling from urban trees in Mainz, Germany

Lindén, Jenny; Simon, Helge; Fonti, Patrick; Esper, Jan; Bruse, Michael

Numerical Evaluation of Heat Budget in Tree Crown Considering the Detailed Structure

Kinoshita, Shinichi; Yoshida, Atsumasa; Hashida, Shoko

Microclimate regulation potential of different tree species: transmissivity measurements and their application in small-scale radiation modeling in Szeged, Hungary

Takács, Ágnes; Kiss, Márton; Gulyás, Ágnes; Kántor, Noémi

Long term impact of climate on tree-growth patterns in Paris street trees and its consequences on tree cooling potential: A dendroclimatic approach

DAVID, Ambre; BOURA, Anais; RANKOVIC, Aleksandar; KRAEPIEL, Yvan; BAROT, Sébastien; ABBADIE, Luc; LATA, Jean-Christophe; NGAO, Jérôme

UCP13: Flows & dispersion II : effects of atmospheric stability
Location: Cassiopée Room
Chair: Toshiaki Ichinose, National Institute for Environmental Studies / Nagoya University

Parametric studies of urban morphologies of high density cities and their air ventilation performance under neutral and unstable atmospheric conditions using advanced large-eddy simulations

Ng, Edward; Siegfried, Raasch; Yim, Steve; Ho, Justin; Wang, Weiwen

Analysis of spacing of streaky structures within surface layer above real urban

YAGI, Ayako; INAGAKI, Atsushi; KANDA, Manabu; FUJIWARA, Chusei; FUJIYOSHI, Yasushi

Variations in the power-law index with stability and height for wind profiles in the urban boundary layer

Kikumoto, Hideki; Ooka, Ryozo; Sugawara, Hirofumi

Study of Stably Stratified Flows and Ventilation over Idealized Street Canyons using a Single-Layer Hydraulics Model

Ng, Chi-To; Liu, Chun-Ho

LES analysis on atmospheric dispersion in urban area under various thermal conditions

Sakuma, Yuto; Hosoi, Tomotaka; Kawai, Hidenori; Tamura, Tetsuro

The urban heat island circulation with idealized building clusters by up-scaling CFD model: from buildings scale to city scale

Wang, Xiaoxue; Li, Yuguo

Lunch break
BPH4: Health
Location: Spot Room

Evaluation of building-scale heat-stress analysis system (BioCAS) based on mortality observation in Seoul

KIM, Kyu Rang; LEE, Ji-Sun; YI, Chaeyeon; CHOI, Byoung-Choel; SCHERER, Dieter

Estimation of DALY loss due to heat stroke and sleep disturbance caused by air temperature rise in Tokyo, Japan

Ihara, Tomohiko; Takane, Yuya; Genchi, Yutaka

Inhalation cancer risk assessment in Krasnoyarsk city

Taseiko, Olga; Potylitsyna, Elena

Changing weather factors implication on the prevalence of malaria in Ado-Ekiti, South west, Nigeria.

Akinbobola, Ademola; Bayo Omotosho, J.; Okogbue, E.C.

A Field Assessment on Natural Ventilation and Thermal Comfort of Historical District: A case of the Wugoushui Settlement in Taiwan

Chu, Yu chieh; Hsu, Min Fu; Hsieh, Chun Ming

Neonates in Ahmedabad, India during the 2010 heat wave: a climate change adaptation study

Kakkad, Khyati; Barzaga, Michelle; Azhar, Gulrez; Wallenstein, Sylvan; Sheffield, Perry

GD5: Urban databases and link with models
Location: Caravelle Room
Chair: Jason K Ching, UNC


Stewart, Iain Douglas; Kennedy, Chris

Development of fine-scale urban canopy parameters in Guangzhou city and its application in the WRF-Urban model

Wang, Xuemei; Dai, Wei

GENIUS, a methodology to integer building scale data into urban microclimate and energy consumption modelling

Tornay, Nathalie; Bonhomme, Marion; Faraut, Serge

Comparison of modelled thermal comfort during a heatwave in Melbourne, Australia

Jacobs, Stephanie Jeanne; Gallant, Ailie; Tapper, Nigel; Belusic, Danijel

H2GIS a spatial database to feed urban climate issues

Bocher, Erwan; Gwendall, Petit; Fortin, Nicolas

Mapping high-resolution urban morphology for urban heat island studies and weather forecasting at intra-urban scale

Attema, J J; Ronda, R J; Steeneveld, G J; Heusinkveld, B G; Holtslag, A A M

Modeling the impact of future development pathways in Dublin on the urban energy and water balance

Alexander, Paul John; Mills, Gerald; Fealy, Rowan

UCP11: Influence of urban vegetation II : parks & green roofs
Location: St-Exupéry Amphitheater
Chair: Tsuyoshi Honjo, Chiba University

The climatic and bio-climatic impact of a small central city park on the surrounding urban environment during extreme heat events

Motazedian, Asieh; Coutts, Andrew; Tapper, Nigel

Influence of urban vegetation.

TOUILI, Karim; REVAUD, Charles; GANTOIS, Marie; MUSY, Marjory; BERNARD, Jeremy; INARD, Christian

Temporal variations of transpiration and latent heat fluxes from isolated linden crowns and lawns in a park at Strasbourg, France

NGAO, Jérôme; COLIN, Jérôme; AMEGLIO, Thierry; SAUDREAU, Marc; KASTENDEUCH, Pierre; GRANIER, André; NAJJAR, Georges

Thermal effects of Woody Green Areas in Urban Landscapes in Campinas City, Brazil

Dacanal, Cristiane; Labaki, Lucila Chebel

Leaf area measurements of urban woodlands, parks and trees in Gothenburg, Sweden

Klingberg, Jenny; Konarska, Janina; Lindberg, Fredrik; Thorsson, Sofia

Employing Terrestrial LiDAR to detail Tree Canopy Structure and Shade for the Cooling Effect Analysis

KONG, Fanhua

UCP14: Flows & dispersion III : turbulent and dispersive fluxes in urban canopy
Location: Cassiopée Room
Chair: Edward Yan Yung Ng, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Wind tunnel experiment on the Influence of approaching wind direction on flow field under wall surface heating and low wind velocity conditions

Lin, Ye; Ichinose, Toshiaki; Yamao, Yukio; Mouri, Hideaki

Large-eddy simulations to characterize the role of turbulent and dispersive production, transport and dissipation of TKE over and within a realistic urban canopy

Giometto, Marco; Christen, Andreas; Meneveau, Charles; Fang, Jiannong; Parlange, Marc B.

Experimental and numerical studies of flow adjustment and drag forces through idealized urban models with different urban parameters

Hang, Jian; Sandberg, Mats; Claesson, Leif; Bao, Ruoyu; Wigo, Hans

The interaction between roughness turbulence generated by block arrays and wake around large obstacle

Binti Rahmat, Nurizzatul Atikha; Aya, Hagishima; Naoki, Ikegaya; Jun, Tanimoto

Numerical study of the wind patterns inside and around buildings and urban blocks of different topologies

Merlier, Lucie; Kuznik, Frédéric; Rusaouen, Gilles; Hans, Julien

Reception at City Hall

Date: Thursday, 23/Jul/2015
PLENARY3: Plenary session III: New measurement networks for cities
Location: St-Exupéry Amphitheater
Chair: Andreas Christen, The University of British Columbia

Urban Meteorological Networks: The urban climatologists panacea?

Chapman, Lee; Muller, Catherine; Young, Duick; Warren, Elliott; Grimmond, Sue; Cai, Xiaoming; Ferranti, Emma

CCMA6: Urban air pollution mitigation strategies
Location: Cassiopée Room
Chair: SILVANA DI SABATINO, University of Bologna

A simple technique for improved particle filtration efficiency of vegetation barriers

Morakinyo, Tobi Eniolu; Lam, Yun Fat

Capability of urban woody plants to reduce particulate matter content in Tehran megapolis

Jafari, Seyed Mohammad; Rajabbeigi, Elham; Erfanian Salim, Ramin

Impacts of urban spatial structure on air quality: an integrated modeling approach

Prud’homme, Julie; Coll, Isabelle; Viguié, Vincent; Coulombel, Nicolas

GD6: Urban climatology studies I : temperate and cold climate cities
Location: St-Exupéry Amphitheater
Chair: Lee Chapman, University of Birmingham

60 year variability in meteorological and environmental characteristics of the atmosphere in Moscow megalopolis

Chubarova, Natalia; Shilovtseva, Olga; Gorbarenko, Ekaterina; Eremina, Irina; Konstantinov, Pavel; Nezval', Elena; Zhdanova, Ekaterina; Skorokhod, Andrei; Belikov...

The influence of wind advection on an urban heat island using the HiTemp network of sensors

Bassett, Richard; Cai, Xiaoming; Chapman, Lee; Thornes, John; Heaviside, Clare

Urban heat island and inertial effects : analyse from field data to spatial analysis

Bernard, Jérémy; Musy, Marjorie; Calmet, Isabelle; Bocher, Erwan; Kéravec, Pascal

ID1: Environmental scholarship and collaborations
Location: Spot Room
Chair: Linda See, IIASA
NOMTM3: Computational Fluid Dynamics models
Location: Caravelle Room
Chair: Manabu Kanda, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Thermal stratification and vegetation effects on the urban microclimate – a CFD case study

Boppana, Bharathi; Liu, Yushi; Poh, Hee Joo; Roth, Matthias

High resolution numerical study of wind, thermal effects and pollution dispersion in urban neighborhoods in Toulouse and Marseille


Numerical study of the influence of albedo on the microclimate of Bergpolder Zuid, Rotterdam

Toparlar, Yasin; Blocken, Bert; Maiheu, Bino; van Heijst, Gert-Jan

Advanced numerical analysis on sensible heat flux from building external surfaces to the surrounding atmosphere using a heat balance simulation and CFD

CHEN, Kan; ASAWA, Takashi

Coffee break
BPH5: Human perception and new indicators
Location: Spot Room
Chair: Yasunobu Ashie, National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management

Thermal comfort comparison and evaluation in different climates

Hirashima, Simone Queiroz da Silveira; Katzschner, Antje; Ferreira, Daniele Gomes; Assis, Eleonora Sad de; Katzschner, Lutz

How to transform the standing man from a box to a cylinder – a modified methodology to calculate mean radiant temperature in models and field studies

Holmer, Björn; Lindberg, Fredrik; Rayner, David; Thorsson, Sofia

Watts in a comfort index: Evaluating pedestrian energy exchange and thermal stress in urban environments

Pearlmutter, David


Kruger, Eduardo; Tamura, Cintia; Schweiker, Marcel; Wagner, Andreas; Broede, Peter

Physiological Response of Human Body and Thermal Sensation for Irradiation and Exercise Load Changes

Yoshida, Atsumasa; Kashihara, Kenta; Kinoshita, Shinichi; Shimazaki, Yasuhiro; Kawabata, Takashi; Yamamoto, Takanori

The prediction of outdoor human thermal states in non-uniform thermal loads

Shimazaki, Yasuhiro; Yoshida, Atsumasa; Yamamoto, Takanori

CCMA7: UHI mitigation strategies III : watering processes studies
Location: Cassiopée Room
Chair: Cécile, Sylvie DE MUNCK, CNRS-Météo France

The implementation of biofiltration systems, rainwater tanks and urban irrigation in a single-layer urban canopy mode

Demuzere, Matthias; Coutts, Andrew M.; Gohler, Maren; Broadbent, Ashley M.; Wouters, Hendrik; van Lipzig, Nicole P.M.; Gerbet, Luke

Impacts of urban heat island mitigation strategies on surface temperatures in downtown Tokyo

Tsunematsu, Nobumitsu; Yokoyama, Hitoshi; Honjo, Tsuyoshi; Ichihashi, Arata; Ando, Haruo; Matsumoto, Futoshi; Seto, Yoshihito; Shigyo, Nobuhiko

Watering practices and urban thermal comfort improvement under heat wave conditions

Daniel, Maxime; Lemonsu, Aude; Viguié, Vincent

The effect of irrigation on air temperature during heatwave conditions

Broadbent, Ashley Mark; Tapper, Nigel; Coutts, Andrew; Beringer, Jason; Demuzere, Matthias

Rain Water Catchment Design Applied to Educational Centers in Mexico

Gómez Velázquez, Jesús; Morales Santiago, Abel Antonio; Velázquez Sanchez, Rosa Maria; Pérez Delgadillo, Armando

Passive irrigation of street trees to improve tree health and support urban cooling

Coutts, Andrew; Livesley, Stephen; Szota, Christopher; Thom, Jasmine

GD7: Urban climatology studies II : tropical and arid climate cities
Location: St-Exupéry Amphitheater
Chair: Lee Chapman, University of Birmingham

Investigating the Effect of Land Use/Land Cover on Urban Surface Temperature in Makurdi, Nigeria

Tyubee, Bernard Tarza; Anyadike, Raymond R. C.

Spatial Distribution of Urban Heat Island and Intra-urban Air Temperature Variability in High-density Urban Areas in Hong Kong

ZHENG, Yingsheng; SHI, Yuan; REN, Chao; YIM, Hung Lam, Steve; LAI, Yuk Fo, Derrick; LAU, Ka Lun,Kevin


Roncancio Rubio, Dalia Nuith; Mejia, Fernando

Changing perspectives: Significance of long-term temperature observations in major cities

Varquez, Alvin; Kanda, Manabu

Exploring the Spatial and Temporal Variation of Air Temperature in the Extreme Desert Climate of Doha, Qatar

Ferwati, M Salim; Makido, Yasuyo; Shandas, Vivek; Sailor, David; BothamMyint, Dylan

Analysis of observed temperature trends over urban, town and rural areas of Pakistan

SAJJAD, Sajjad Hussain; BLOND, Nadège; KOHLER, Manon; CLAPPIER, Alain

NOMTM4: Large Eddy Simulation models
Location: Caravelle Room
Chair: Marina Neophytou, University of Cyprus

Large eddy simulation of internal boundary developments over a huge urban area with 2m resolution

Kanda, Manabu; Inagaki, Atsushi; Ahmad, Nurul Huda Binti; Onodera, Naoyuki; Aoki, Takayuki

Spatial Distribution of the Gust Index over an Urban Area in Tokyo

Ahmad, Nurul Huda Binti; Inagaki, Atsushi; Kanda, Manabu; Onodera, Naoyuki; Aoki, Takayuki

Large eddy simulation and bulk parameterization of momentum and heat transport in urban canopies: challenges and applications

Li, Qi; Bou-Zeid, Elie; Anderson, William; Grimmond, Sue

Generation of artificial inflow turbulence including scalar fluctuation for LES based on Cholesky decomposition

Okaze, Tsubasa; Mochida, Akashi

LES simulations of forced convective heat transfer at the surfaces of an isolated building using non-conformal grid

Iousef, Samy; Montazeri, Hamid; Blocken, Bert; van Wesemael, Pieter

Analysis of wind turbulence in canopy layer at large urban area using HPC database

Tamura, Tetsuro; Kawai, Hidenori; Bale, Rahul; Onishi, Keiji; Tsubokura, Makoto; Kondo, Koji; Nozu, Tsuyoshi

Lunch break
CCMA8: UHI mitigation strategies IV : vegetation management processes
Location: Cassiopée Room
Chair: Andrew Coutts, Monash University

The urban tree as a tool to mitigate the urban heat island in Mexico City: a simple phenomenological model

Ballinas, Monica; Barradas, Victor L

Evaluating climate-related ecosystem services of urban tree stands in Szeged (Hungary)

Kiss, Márton; Takács, Ágnes; Gulyás, Ágnes

ID2: Multicriteria environmental perception
Location: Spot Room
Chair: Julia Hidalgo, LISST/CNRS

Thermal notations as a design tool: evaluating the thermal comfort of pedestrians moving in spatial sequences

Vasilikou, Carolina; Nikolopoulou, Marialena

New qualitative methods to explore thermal perception in urban spaces

Lenzholzer, Sanda; Klemm, Wiebke; Vasilikou, Carolina

Performance standard for tropical outdoors: A proposal in a time of climate change

Emmanuel, Rohinton

NOMTM5: Wind tunnel and scale models
Location: Caravelle Room
Chair: Curtis Wood, Finnish Meteorological institute

The stone forest as a small-scale field model for urban climate studies

Wang, Kai; Li, Yuguo; Li, Yuhui; Yuan, Meng

Interaction of severe convective gusts and typical urban structures

Ruck, Bodo; Bertsch, Alexandra

Coupling of numerical weather prediction models and physical simulations for urban wind environment

Romanic, Djordje; Hangan, Horia

NOMTM6: Urban Climate measurement networks
Location: St-Exupéry Amphitheater
Chair: Eric R. Pardyjak, University of Utah

Network optimization of urban heat island measurements -Effect of reduction of observation points-

Honjo, Tsuyoshi; Umeki, Kiyoshi; Yamato, Hiroaki; Mikami, Takehiko; Grimmond, C.S.B.

Challenges and benefits from crowd-sourced atmospheric data for urban climate research using Berlin, Germany, as testbed

Meier, Fred; Fenner, Daniel; Grassmann, Tom; Jänicke, Britta; Otto, Marco; Scherer, Dieter

First results of the data acquisition and analysis of microclimate conditions in Barranquilla, Colombia

Tapias, Estefania; Matzarakis, Andreas; Schmitt, Gerhard

Poster session : All posters displayed on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
POSTER 13: UCP - Influence of urban vegetation

Tree transpiration as a potential mechanism to mitigate the urban heat island in Mexico City

Barradas, Victor L; Ballinas, Monica

Leaf-turning tree species and their local climatic impacts on the city

Wundsam, Timo; Henninger, Sascha

Relevance of geometry and other basic parameters of urban trees on conditions of water and heat stress in long lasting heat waves – a simulation approach

Simon, Helge; Bruse, Michael

Impact of Greening Area Ratio on Urban Climate in Hot-summer and Cold-winter City

Deng, Qinli; Zhou, Zeng; Li, Chuancheng; Mochida, Akashi

Cooling effects of large green park on urban atmosphere observed at the Osaka Castle Park in Osaka, Japan

Shigeta, Yoshinori; Ohashi, Yukitaka; Kikegawa, Yukihiro; Nakamura, Yusuke; Ihara, Tomohiko; Nabeshima, Minako; Hirano, Yujiro

The TERRACES project - Qualifying and quantifying the changes in the urban energy balance using vegetative green roofs (VGR).

Sabre, Maeva; Bouyer, Julien; Ramier, David; Berthier, Emmanuel; Chollet, Jeremie; Claverie, Remy

Influence of the urban vegetation fraction on the urban heat island effect in different climate zones across Europe

Droste, Arjan Marten; Ronda, Reinder; Theeuwes, Natalie; Steeneveld, Gert-Jan


Velasco, Giuliana Del Nero; Labaki, Lucila Chebel; Couto, Hilton Thadeu Zarate do

Cooling effect of urban green against urban heat island effect - PIV observatian of the airflow from an urban green space

Miyazaki, Hiroshi

Influence of nearby plants and artificial structures on the surface air temperature statistics: Continuous in-situ measurement at central Tokyo (Otemachi)

SHIDO, Fumitake; Aoyagi, Toshinori; Seino, Naoko; Fujibe, Fumiaki; Yamamoto, Akira

Influence of Meteorological Variables, Trees and Greens in Open Spaces on Environmental Quality

Ewulo, Taiwo Aderonke; Balogun, Ifeoluwa Adebowale; Okunlola, Adeyela Ibironke

Impact of surrounding building geometry, vegetation and ground cover on the variation of Microclimatic parameters and thermal comfort within urban open spaces

Ghuge, Vidya Vinayak

POSTER 14: UCP - Flows and dispersion

Study on Development of Source Term Estimation Methods

OURA, Masamichi; KIM, Minsiki; OHBA, Ryohji; KATO, Shinsuke

Intraurban variability of particulate air pollution in Hong Kong - exploring the influence of building morphology in high density urban environment by using traverse measurement

SHI, Yuan; REN, Chao; YIM, Steve; NG, Edward; ZHENG, Yingsheng


Santiago, Jose Luis; Borge, Rafael; Martin, Fernando; de la Paz, David; Martilli, Alberto; Lumbreras, Julio


Sanchez, M. Nuria; Sanchez, Beatriz; Soutullo, Silvia; Santiago, Jose Luis

Improving Air Quality in High-density Cities by Understanding Air Pollutant Dispersion and Urban Morphologies, A Case Study in Hong Kong

Yuan, Chao; Ng, Edward; Norford, Leslie

POSTER 15: TUKUP - Weather forecasting for city actors

Urban climate monitoring networks based on LCZ concept

Unger, János; Savic, Stevan; Gál, Tamás; Milo¹evic, Dragan; Lelovics, Eniko; Markovic, Vladimir; Gulyás, Ágnes; Arsenovic, Daniela

A very-short term nowcast for warnings just before the severe rainstorm with the use of vertically integrated liquid water content

Hirano, Kohin; Maki, Masayuki; Ohnishi, Haruo; Misumi, Ryohei; Maesaka, Takeshi; Iwanami, Koyuru

Partitioning the role of emissions and meteorology in driving pollutants concentrations: a data-driven approach based on eddy covariance

Di Lonardo, Sara; Gualtieri, Giovanni; Toscano, Piero; Vagnoli, Carolina; Zaldei, Alessandro; Gioli, Beniamino

High-resolution forecasts of the thermal comfort in the urban area of Trento

Giovannini, Lorenzo; ZARDI, Dino

POSTER 16: BPH - Outdoor and indoor comfort, and link with health

Regional differences in the impacts of temperature extremes on cardiovascular health in the Czech Republic

Urban, Ales; Kysely, Jan


Drach, Patricia Regina Chaves; Krüger, Eduardo Leite; Drach, Henrique

Cool effects and thermal comforts of different landscape conditions in a Nigerian University

Balogun, Ifeoluwa Adebowale; Oluleye, Ayodeji; Ogunjobi, Kehinde Olufunsho

Features of the pedestrian thermal environment on a Campus University

Debiazi, Pedro Renan; Nakata-Osaki, Camila Mayumi; Souza, Léa Cristina Lucas de

Interrelationship of indoor radon concentration and meteorological parameters in Lódz (Central Poland) case study – preliminary results

Podstawczynska, Agnieszka

Influence of outdoor thermal environment on shaded or sunlit walking path selection of pedestrian

Ishii, Jin; Watanabe, Shinichi

Evaluation of some indices for urban heat stress found in the regional scale of Western Japan

Ohashi, Yukitaka

Linking human-biometeorological thermal conditions with Köppen-Geiger climate classification – The Example of China

Yang, Shi-Qi; Matzarakis, Andreas

Thermal comfort and landscape design in university campus

Kenawy, Inji; shoukry, summer

Assessment of bioclimatic comfort in urban public places – an interdisciplinary approach

Maras, Isabell; Paas, Bastian; Schmidt, Teresa; Schneider, Christoph; Ziefle, Martina

Thermal Design of Plant Canopy Structure Based on Measurement Data of Thermal Environment of Premises Woods

Hashida, Shoko; Yoshida, Atsumasa; Tsurunaga, Kazuki; Kinoshita, Shinichi; Shimazaki, Yasuhiro

Climatic Effects on Human Thermal Comfort: Preliminary Survey in Korea

Park, Sookuk





Towards prediction of the meteorological effects on the incidence of acute aortic dissection type A.

Sodoudi, Sahar; Fallah, Bijan; Walter, Alexander

Subjective thermal comfort: a study in a Brazilian city park

Bueno-Bartholomei, Carolina Lotufo; Francisqueti, Gabriel Valentini

Assessment of impact of green cover percentage on the variation of microclimatic parameters and thermal comfort within urban open spaces from tropical city, Nagpur.

Ghuge, Vidya Vinayak; Bharat, Alka; Ralegaonkar, Rahul V.

Indoor comfort and air quality in spaces equipped with eco-ventilations systems

Encarnação da Conceição, Eusébio Zeferino; J. R. Lúcio, Mª Manuela

Thermal Comfort assessment of a Studio Classroom in Hot & Humid Climate Conditions

Rajkumar, Surya; Amirtham, Lillyrose; Horrison, Ebin

POSTER 17: GD - Urban climatology studies and link with CC trends


de Oliveira Alexandre, Malco Jeiel

Evaluating the Long-term Climatic changes and its impact on human thermal comfort in few rapidly growing cities of state of Gujarat, India

Kandya, Anurag; Kotharkar, Rajashree


Azid, Nor Suhada; Shaikh Salim, Sheikh Ahmad Zaki; Razak, Khamarrul Azahari


Anjos, Max Wendell Batista; Lopes, António

The Lisbon´s urban heat island patterns, rhythms and relationship with weather types: a decade of hourly temperature data

Lopes, António Manuel Saraiva; Alcoforado, Maria João; Marques, David; Alves, Elis

Soil temperature trends in the suburban area of Zagreb

Likso, Tanja

Estimation of change dynamics of average and extremal annual values of air temperature of air ground layer of Gyumri

Margaryan, Varduhi

Urban Heat Island in Lodz

Wilk, Szymon

Long-term Dynamics of the Urban ‘Heat Island’ in Moscow

Lokoshchenko, Mikhail A.

Wind Condition Changing in Tomsk at the Beginning of XXI Century: Ecological Aspect

Nosyreva, Olga; Kizhner, Lyubov'; Akhmetshina, Anna; Zhuravlev, Georgiy; Bogoslovskiy, Nikolay

Urban and Rural Temperature Trends in Proximity to Large US Cities: 1973-2013

Stone, Brian; Mallen, Evan Sheppard


Kuzhevskaia, Irina; Barashkova, Nadezda; Volkova, Marina

POSTER 18: NOMTM - Wind tunnel experiments, and flows and dispersion models

DIPLOS: Dispersion of Localised Releases in a Street Network

Coceal, Omduth; Xie, Zheng-Tong; Robins, Alan G; Bohnenstengel, Sylvia I; Boppana, Bharathi; Hayden, Paul; Goulart, Elisa V; Carpentieri, Matteo; Thomas, T Glyn; Castro...

Development of Urban Meteorological LES Model for thermal environment at city scale

Ikeda, Ryosaku; Kusaka, Hiroyuki; Iizuka, Satoru; Boku, Taisuke

Dispersion from short-duration ground level point gas source in idealised urban canopy

Chaloupecká, Hana; Janour, Zbynek

A parameterization method for evaluating wind pressure difference between buildings’ windward and leeward

Wu, Jie; Shi, Yurong; Zhang, Yufeng

An Experimental Study on Exploring the Possibility of Applying Artificial Light as Radiation in Wind Tunnel

Lin, Ye; Ichinose, Toshiaki; Wu, Rudder; Yamao, Yukio; Mouri, Hideaki

Influence of buildings on the urban atmosphere: need to couple CFD simulations with a building model

Daviau-Pellegrin, Noëlie; Carissimo, Bertrand; Milliez, Maya; Plessis, Gilles

Comparison of surface observation data and simulations of atmospheric flow using CFD model: a case study of Seolleung area in Seoul, South Korea

Yang, Ho-Jin; Choi, Jong-Mun; Lee, Gwang-Jin; Yi, Chaeyeon; Jee, Joon-Bum; Choi, Young-Jean

CFD analysis of urban wind environment with actual inflow obtained by Doppler lidar measurement

KOBAYASHI, Shintaro; OOKA, Ryozo; KIKUMOTO, Hideki; LIM, Jongyeon

Numerical Investigation of Turbulent Flow near Quiescent Liquid Surface

Lovatte, Enilene Regina; Furieri, Bruno; Dourado, Harerton; Feroni, Rita; Santos, Jane Meri; Costa Reis Junior, Neyval

Understanding and Eliminating Instabilities and ‘Rogue Trajectories’ in Lagrangian Stochastic Particle Dispersion Models

Bailey, Brian N.; Stoll, Rob

An updated evaluation guideline for prognostic microscale wind field models.

Grawe, David; Bächlin, Wolfgang; Brünger, Harald; Eichhorn, Joachim; Franke, Jörg; Leitl, Bernd; Müller, Wolfgang J.; Öttl, Dietmar; Salim, Mohamed; Schlünzen, K...

POSTER 19: CCMA - UHI mitigation strategies based on vegetation

Optimizing urban irrigation schemes for a trade-off between energy and water consumption

Wang, Zhihua; Yang, Jiachuan

Does urban vegetation enhance carbon sequestration?

Velasco, Erik; Roth, Matthias; Norford, Leslie; Molina T., Luisa

Characterization of the behavior of watered urban materials

Hendel, Martin; Grados, Arnaud; Colombert, Morgane; Diab, Youssef; Royon, Laurent

Research on Outdoor Thermal Environment of Lingnan Garden in Hot-humid Region, China -Taking Yu Yin Shan Fang as an Example

XUE, Sihan; XIAO, Yiqiang

Analysing green roof and albedo effects on thermal urban climate in support of climate adaptation to summer heat conditions

Buchholz, Saskia; Kossmann, Meinolf

The influence of different tree species on outdoor thermal comfort in the tropical urban environment

KONG, Ling; NG, Edward

Towards “green” streets – climate change adaptation and mitigation using the suburban street; a case study from Western Sydney.

Gallagher, Libby

Trait-based species selection for urban forests under climate change scenario

Kiyani, Elham; Jafari, Seyed Mohammad

The impact of urban growth and mitigation measures on urban temperatures in Hamburg, Germany

Grawe, David; Petrik, Ronny; Boettcher, Marita; Schlünzen, K. Heinke

Examination of the interrelation between woody vegetation and urban rainwater management: stormwater runoff decrease as ecosystem service of trees in Szeged (Hungary)

Gulyas, Agnes; Kiss, Marton; Pogacsas, Reka; Berkes, Lilla

Evaluation of greening and highly reflective materials from three perspectives

Mochida, Akashi; Uchida, Taiki; Yumino, Saori; Sasaki, Kiyoshi; Kobayashi, Hikaru

Evaluation of cool/green roof in mitigating urban heat island in a tropical city, Singapore

Li, Xian-Xiang; Norford, Leslie

POSTER 20: BPH/ID - Human perception of comfort, and multicriteria evaluation

Can the comfort index physiological equivalent temperature assess thermal pollution in Mexico City?

Ballinas, Monica; Barradas, Victor L


Andrade, Telma; Nery, Jussana; Miranda, Sandra; Pitombo, Cira; freire, Tereza; Katzschner, Lutz

Modified physiologically equivalent temperature for applications in urban climate studies

Chen, Yung-Chang; Matzarakis, Andreas

POSTER 21: ID - Environmental scholarship and collaborations

Concepts of Environmental Education in Basic Education Schools of Technical Courses in Mechanical and Loads Transportation in the Campus Santos Dumont: a conscious student? A critical analysis through the pedagogical practices

Ávila, Lívia; Machado, Lisleandra; Ferreira, Neuzete

Development of climate adaptation measures as a participative process involving citizens in a neighbourhood in Berlin, Germany

Fenner, Daniel; Meier, Fred; Fehrenbach, Ute; Scherer, Dieter

Design thinking and urban planning projects: towards new climatic services for climate change adaptation?

NASSOPOULOS, Hypatia; Mangeot, Antoine; Colombert, Morgane; Leseur, Alexia; Gantois, Marie; Salagnac, Jean-Luc; Jacquet, Laurent; Meunier, Guillaume

POSTER 22: NOMTM - Field campaigns, new sensors and methods

A Wavelet-based, Low-cost Method for Massive On-site Diurnal Urban Climate Observation Using Three Globe Thermometers

Wang, Shang; Li, Yuguo

Experimental Study on the Suitability of Acrylic and Copper Globe Thermometer for Diurnal Outdoor Mean Radiant Temperature Measurement

Wang, Shang; Li, Yuguo

Measurement of roughness parameters over urban heterogeneous canopy

Sugawara, Hirofumi; Shimizu, Akira; Hirano, Tasuki; Murayama, Shohei; Kondo, Hiroaki

MOBO – An Experimental Network for Urban Heat Island Analysis in a Green District of the Middle-East

Martin, Miguel; Armstrong, Peter; Ali, Muhammad Tauha; Marpu, Prashanth

Two EC sites on one urban mast: what can we learn?

Wood, Curtis; Kouznetsov, R; Kurppa, M; Järvi, L; Rantala, P; Vesala, T; Karppinen, A

Challenges and results from conducting eddy covariance observations in areas of tall buildings

Ao, Xiangyu; Tan, Jianguo; Grimmond, Sue; Chang, Yuanyong

Distribution of Aerodynamic Roughness Based on Land Cover and DEM- A Case Study in Shanghai, China

Chang, yuan yong; Tan, jian guo; Grimmond, Sue; Tang, yu qi

Comparison on Different Methods to estimate Aerodynamic Parameters in Urban Areas

Tang, Yuqi; Tan, Jianguo; Grimmond, C S B; Chang, Yuanyong; Ao, Xiangyu

Analysis of Suspect Meteorological Data from Quality Control Process in Urban Area

Xin-shu, Fu; Jian-guo, Tan

Investigation of temperature inversions in different conditions in Tomsk according to MTP-5 temperature profiler and the mesoscale Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model

Akhmetshina, Anna Sergeevna; Kizhner, Lyubov' Ilinichna; Nosyreva, Olga Vladimirovna; Starchenko, Alexandr Vasilyevich; Bart, Andrey Andreyevich; Bogoslovskii...

Characterising internal boundary layers forming over an idealised urban surface based on air temperature observations with high spatio-temporal resolution

Inagaki, Atsushi; Kotthaus, Simone; Kanda, Manabu

Estimation of roughness parameters of urban area using wind profile data obtained by a Doppler lidar system

Aoyagi, Toshinori

Monitoring of atmospheric turbidity and cloud above Tokyo using ground based network cameras

Hashikita, Daiki; Oda, Ryoko; Sugawara, Hirofumi; Seino, Naoko

Microclimatology of Tropical University Campus: In-situ measurement and GIS-based analysis


Status and Future of the WISE Urban Meteorological Observation Network

Park, Moon-Soo; Chae, Jung-Hoon

Cooling mechanism of leaves of urban vegetation

Honjo, Tsuyoshi; Umeki, Kiyoshi; Kurosawa, Shunsuke

Estimation of effective roughness length for suburban area of the city of Zagreb

Likso, Tanja; Pandzic, Kreso

Ceilometer based retrieval of Shanghai’s boundary layer height

Peng, Jie; Tan, Jianguo; Grimmond, Sue

A study on data analysis of densely observed climate variables in Seoul

Yi, Chaeyeon; Kwon, Tae Heon; Kwon, Hyuk-Gi; An, Seung Man; Kim, Kyu Rang; Choi, Young-Jean

A three years long fieldwork experiment to monitor the role of vegetation on the urban climate of the city of Strasbourg, France

NAJJAR, Georges; COLIN, Jerome; KASTENDEUCH, Pierre; NGAO, Jerome; SAUDREAU, Marc; LANDES, Tania; AMEGLIO, Thierry; LUHAHE, Raphael; GUILLEMIN, Samuel; SCHREINER...

Development of a Dense Climate Monitoring Network for the Georgia Institute of Technology

Stone, Brian; Mallen, Evan Sheppard; Kevin, Lanza

Examination of empirical parameter in the thermal image velocimetry

Inagaki, Atsushi; Iwatsuka, Eiji; Kanda, Manabu

A new Sky Arrow ERA light aircraft combining LIDAR and air quality payloads for atmospheric monitoring

Gasbarra, Daniele; Shindler, Luca; Carlucci, Pantaleone; Di Liberto, Luca; Magliulo, Vincenzo; Toscano, Piero; Zaldei, Alessandro; Viterbini, Maurizio; Cairo, Francesco; ...

3D tree architecture modeling from laser scanning for urban microclimate study

LANDES, Tania; SAUDREAU, Marc; NAJJAR, Georges; KASTENDEUCH, Pierre; GUILLEMIN, Samuel; COLIN, Jérôme; LUHAHE, Raphaël

Bulk Transfer Relations for the Roughness Sublayer Applied at a Sub-urban Area of Zagreb

Pandzic, Kreso

Mapping urban ecosystem structure and function using hyperspectral imagery and airborne lidar

Alonzo, Michael; McFadden, Joseph P; Roberts, Dar A

Investigation of urban air temperature and humidity patterns during extreme heat conditions using satellite-derived data

Hu, Leiqiu; Monaghan, Andrew

Low cost air pollution sensors: New perspectives for the measurement of individual exposure?

Madelin, Malika; Duché, Sarah

A development of mobile monitoring system for urban climatology

Likhvar, Victoria; Ichinose, Toshiaki

Derivation of an urban materials spectral library through emittance and reflectance spectroscopy

Kotthaus, Simone; Smith, Thomas E.L.; Wooster, Martin J.; Grimmond, Sue

POSTER 23: UDC - Building climate and energy consumption

Study on the effect of morphologic features and material properties on microclimatic development and pedestrian comfort

Takebayashi, Hideki; Kyogoku, Sae; Nakayama, Sintaro; Aoyama, Kentaro; Ishii, Etsuko; Kasahara, Makiko; Tanabe, Shingo; Kouyama, Makoto

Urban Microclimatic Improvement Effects to Building Blocks Energy Consumption by the Use of Energy Simulation


A coupled modelling approach to quantify the microclimatic effects of green infrastructure on residential buildings

Zölch, Teresa; Maderspacher, Johannes; Pauleit, Stephan; Lang, Werner

Simulation of indoor climate with façade dynamics & building – atmosphere interaction

Simon, Helge; Bruse, Michael

Reconceptualization of Climate Classifications and Climate Analysis Tools to Support Evaporative Building Cooling Strategies in the Hot Humid Tropics

Diaz, Claudio Aurelio; King, Steve; Osmond, Paul

Urban greening and cool surfaces: the effectiveness of climate change adaptation strategies within the context of Budapest

Gal, Csilla V

Studying the interaction of iranian traditional architecture with nature through Sustainable Development

frotan, mehdi; ebrahimi, hojat; khatami, sadegh

Development to the forecasting system of indoor environment using atmospheric condition of building scale

Lee, Ji-Sun; Kim, Kyu Rang; Yi, Chaeyeon; Choi, Byoung-Choel; Scherer, Dieter

Thermal comfort in housing under solar obstruction derived from high building in urban renovation areas.


Potential of solar energy and the effects on the urban heat island

Kassai-Szoó, Dominika

Comparative Study on Traditional and Modern Urban Textures: Form, Energy and Climate

HUANG, Yuan; WANG, Zhen

Comparison of air temperature sensitivity of electric power consumption between Tokyo and Hokkaido region

Mitsukuri, Takahiro; Miyazaki, Hiroshi

Modeling reduction of Urban Heat Island effect by improving radiative properties of buildings and districts

Andre, Konrad; Zuvela-Aloise, Maja; Schwaiger, Hannes; Bird, David Neil; Gallaun, Heinz

POSTER 24: NOMTM - Mesoscale and NWP models

The impact of vertical resolution in mesoscale model AROME forecasting of radiation fog

PHILIP, Alexandre; Bergot, Thierry; Bouteloup, Yves; Bouyssel, François

Numerical study on urban wind environment and thermal climate of cities in cold area with snow cover

Shui, Taotao; Liu, Jing; Zhang, Pengcheng

A high-resolution mesoscale meteorological model for investigating the weather phenomena over a limited urbanized area

Starchenko, Alexander V.; Terentyeva, Maria V.

Comparison of land cover and land use data for urban climate modelling in Southeast Asian cities – A case study of Johor Bahru

Kraus, Jochen; Trihamdani, Andhang Rakhmat; Kubota, Tetsu; Lee, Han Soo; Kawamura, Kensuke

Investigation of 3D structure of urban heat island of Moscow city with application of microwave temperature sounding and high-resolution regional modelling with data assimilation

Varentsov, Mikhail; Chkhetiani, Otto; Maximenkov, Leonid; Konstantinov, Pavel

POSTER 25: NOMTM - Urban canopy parameterizations

A multi-model and -namelist ensemble for a tropical urban energy balanc

Demuzere, Matthias; Harshan, Suraj; Jarvi, Leena; Velasco, Eric; Roth, Matthias

Simulation of urban fluxes with a 3D canopy model

Kastendeuch, Pierre Philippe; Najjar, Georges

Urban Climate Simulations of Dalian Based On WRF Comparing Different Urban Parameterization Schemes

Guo, Fei; Wang, Shiyuan; Zhu, Peisheng

Development of a new 1D urban canopy model: coherences between surface parameterizations

Blond, Nadège; Mauree, Dasaraden; Kohler, Manon; Clappier, Alain

Model developments in TERRA_URB, the upcoming standard urban parametrization of the atmospheric numerical model COSMO(-CLM)

Wouters, Hendrik; Blahak, Ulrich; Helmert, Jürgen; Raschendorfer, Matthias; Demuzere, Matthias; Fay, Barbara; Trusilova, Kristina; Mironov, Dmitrii; Reinert, Daniel; Lüth...

The ability of mesoscale climate model COSMO-CLM with the Double Canyon urban canopy scheme to simulate the urban heat island in Berlin

Sodoudi, Sahar; Fallah, Bijan; Szenasi, Barbara; Schubert, Sebastian

Fast urban heat island modeling

Le Bras, Julien; Masson, Valéry

Exploring the impact of alternative urban design scenarios on microclimate using QUIC-EnvSim

Pardyjak, Eric R.; Briggs, Kevin; Overby, Matthew; Alexander, Daniel; Bailey, Brian; Stoll, Rob; Willemsen, Pete

Visualization and Exploration of Urban Microclimate Simulations using the QUIC EnvSim GPU Framework

Willemsen, Peter; Schroeder, David; Overby, Matthew; Stoll, Rob; Pardyjak, Eric R.


LANDIER, Lucas; Gastellu-Etchegorry, Jean-Philippe; Albitar, Ahmad; GREGOIRE, Tristan; Lauret, Nicolas; Aubert, Sylvain; Yin, Tiangang; Mitraka, Zina; Chrysoulakis...

POSTER 26: TUKUP - Indicators, climate maps, and decision support tools

Sensitivity of the TEB model to building parameters, urban planning and spatial distributions of natural areas in an urban area. The Paris area example during the 2003 heat wave.


Analysis of urban flooding from a meteorological perspective applied to two temperate climate cities in Argentina

Campo, Alicia M.; Zapperi, Paula A.; Aldalur, Beatriz N.; Ramos, María B.

Study on future urban form and land use pattern considering urban warming and depopulation -Scenario Making by using concept of potential natural vegetation-

Yokoyama, Makoto; Matsuo, Kaoru; Tanaka, Takahiro; Sadohara, Satoru

Estimation of human-biometeorological conditions in south west Germany for the assessment of mitigation and adaptation potential

Fröhlich, Dominik; Matzarakis, Andreas

Knowledge and technological transfer: a user-friendly multi-model platform for consulting services to simulate the evolution of the city and the urban climate over a century, from a prototype developed within the multidisciplinary project ACCLIMAT

Pouponneau, Béatrice; Duguin, Thierry; Desplat, Julien; Moine, Marie-Pierre; Giard, Dominique; Masson, Valery; Pesin, Evelyne; Bidet, Yves; Lemaitre, Olivier; MARTINONI-L...

A Climate Adaption Concept for the Urban Heat Island

Ketzler, Gunnar; Sachsen, Timo; Simon, André; Petzoldt, Katja; Schneider, Christoph; Maras, Isabell; Kranefeld, Andrea

The utilization of first derivatives and violinplots of meteorological parameters for the evaluation of thermal behavior of small urban sites.

Charalampopoulos, Ioannis; Tsiros, Ioannis; Chronopoulou-Sereli, Aikaterini; Matzarakis, Andreas

Urban climate and heat-stress patterns in Berlin, Germany

Lauf, Steffen; Dugord, Pierre-Adrien; Kleinschmit, Birgit

WAsP software - application for data analysis of wind over a city

Prata-Shimomura, Alessandra Rodrigues; Saraiva, Jorge A. Gil; Lopes, Antonio Saraiva

Urban climate and materials properties: What do we know about this field? How can we use this knowledge for urban planning? How can we adapt and better build our cities for tomorrow?

Tomasset, Guilhem; Haoues-Jouve, Sinda; Hidalgo, Julia

Countermeasure guidelines and evaluation tools against heat island phenomena for several cities in Japan and East Asia

Yoshida, Shinji; Sato, Taiki; Takebayashi, Hideki; Tanaka, Takahiro; Mochida, Akashi; Ooka, Ryozo; Yoshie, Ryuichiro; Li, Qiong

Poster session & Coffee break
CCMA9: UHI mitigation strategies V : vegetation based strategies
Location: Cassiopée Room
Chair: Matthias Demuzere, KU Leuven

Urban green belt outdoor thermal evaluation via leaf area index

Huang, Kuo-Tsang; Hwang, Ruey-Lung; Tung, Meng-Chieh

How Do Green Roofs Mitigate the Urban Heat Island Effects under Heat Waves?

Sun, Ting; Ni, Guang-Heng

Evaluation of greening scenarios to reduce Paris city vulnerability to future heat waves

DE MUNCK, Cécile, Sylvie; LEMONSU, Aude; MASSON, Valéry; BONHOMME, Marion; LE BRAS, Julien

Green infrastructure and ecosystem services to tackle climate change in Chilean cities.

Vásquez, Alexis; Smith, Pamela; Henriquez, Cristian; Martin, Dayán

Evaluation of CO2 Reduction Effects of Buildings with Green Roofs by Using a Coupled Urban-Canopy and Building-Energy Model

Hirano, Yujiro; Ohashi, Yukitaka; Ichinose, Toshiaki

ID2 (cont): Multicriteria environmental perception
Location: Spot Room
Chair: Lutz Katzschner, University Kassel

Physical load resulting from particulate matter, noise and thermal stress on inner-city public open space – An interdisciplinary analysis

Paas, Bastian; Maras, Isabell; Schmidt, Teresa; Stienen, Jonas; Schneider, Christoph

Perception Studies on the Influence of Trees and Greens in Open Spaces for Environmental Quality

Ewulo, Taiwo Aderonke; Okunlola, Adeyela Ibironke; Balogun, Ifeoluwa Adebowale; Agele, Samuel

Observation of urban climate variability at local scale and comparison with human perception

Gaudio, Noémie; Marchandise, Sabrina; Le Bras, Julien; Lemonsu, Aude; Haouès-Jouve, Sinda; Legain, Dominique

Influence of urban climate on perception responses in soundwalks: case study Aachen

Engel, Margret Sibylle; Fels, Janina; Schneider, Christoph

A methodological approach to the environmental quantitative assessment of urban parks

Cohen, Pninit; Potchter, Oded; Schnell, Izhak

Scientific practices within the urban climate research field:  Drastic interdisciplinary Ÿ between social and natural sciences

Molina, Géraldine; Bernabé, Anne; Masson, Valéry; Hidalgo, Julia

NOMTM5 (cont): Wind tunnel and scale models
Location: Caravelle Room
Chair: Curtis Wood, Finnish Meteorological institute

Determining the impact of urban canopy flow on building ventilation rates: an experimental study

Gough, Hannah Leanne; Halios, Christos H; Barlow, Janet Fraser; Luo, Zhiwen W; Robertson, Adam P; Quinn, Andrew D

Dynamics of a street canyon flow from idealized field and wind tunnel experiments

Blackman, Karin; Perret, Laurent; Savory, Eric

The improvement of outdoor thermal-wind environment and indoor energy consumption by the harmony of the shape and the material of building for designing the block scale of the city

Ichinose, Toshiaki; Lin, Ye

Wind tunnel experiment on turbulent flow field around 2D street canyon with Eaves

Sato, Tsuyoshi; Hagishima, Aya; Ikegaya, Naoki; Tanimoto, Jun

NOMTM6 (cont): Urban Climate measurement networks
Location: St-Exupéry Amphitheater
Chair: Christian Feigenwinter, University of Basel

Climate moderation via green infrastructure – the potential to mitigate the UHI effect in Dar es Salaam

Lindley, Sarah Jane; Kibassa, Deusdedit; Cavan, Gina


Azevedo, Juliana Antunes; Chapman, Lee; Muller, Catherine L.

Shanghai’s Urban Integrated Meteorological Observation Network (SUIMON): case studies of applications

TAN, Jianguo; Grimmond, Sue

The Urban Heat Island of a middle-size French city as seen by high-resolution numerical experiments and in situ measurements – the case of Dijon, Burgundy

POHL, Benjamin; Richard, Yves; KOHLER, Manon; Emery, Justin; Castel, Thierry; De Lapparent, Benjamin; Thévenin, Denis; Thévenin, Thomas; Pergaud, Julien

Urban climate monitoring system suitability for intra-urban thermal comfort observations in Novi Sad (Serbia) – with 2014 examples

Milo¹evic, Dragan D; Savic, Stevan M; Unger, János; Gál, Tamás

Conference Dinner

Date: Friday, 24/Jul/2015
PLENARY4: Plenary session IV: Green Infrastructures for Cities
Location: St-Exupéry Amphitheater
Chair: C. S. B. Grimmond, Univerisity of Reading

Green Infrastructures for Cities

Coutts, Andrew

GD8: New remote sensing Technology and data
Location: St-Exupéry Amphitheater
Chair: Benjamin Bechtel, University of Hamburg

Spatial Geotechnologies and GIS tools for urban planners applied to the analysis of urban heat island. Case Caracas city, Venezuela.


Fusion of World-view2 stereo and TerraSAR-X images for 3D building extraction in high-density urban areas

Xu, Yong; Ma, Peifeng; Lin, Hui; Ng, Edward

NOMTM10: Urban Canopy parameterizations II : development & sensitivity
Location: Caravelle Room
Chair: Jorge Gonzalez, City College of New York

Interfacing the urban land-atmosphere system with a coupled UCM-SCM framework: model development and sensitivity

Wang, Zhihua; Song, Jiyun

Improving the water budget in the urban surface scheme TEB for a better evaluation of green infrastructures for adaptation purposes

Chancibault, Katia; Lemonsu, Aude; Brun, Jean-Marc; De Munck, Cécile; Allard, Aude; Masson, Valéry; Andrieu, Hervé

Adequately and Efficiently Representing Heat Conduction and Storage for Urban Surfaces

Lipson, Mathew; Hart, Melissa; Thatcher, Marcus

Integration of Urban Microclimate Models using the QUIC EnvSim GPU Framework

Willemsen, Peter; Overby, Matthew; Briggs, Kevin; Bailey, Brian N.; Alexander, Daniel; Stoll, Rob; Pardyjak, Eric R.

TUKUP5: Indicators and climate maps I : risks & vulnerability
Location: Spot Room
Chair: Natasha Picone, CONICET/UNCPBA

Method for evaluating the health hazard risk in urban pedestrian space in extremely hot summer conditions based on the total analysis of mesoscale and microscale climates

Yumino, Saori; Mochida, Akashi; Hamada, Naohiro; Ohno, Susumu

Urban Heat Island measurements and sustainability maps to help access vulnerability and potential mitigation techniques in Birmingham and Auburn-Opelika, Alabama

Mitra, Chandana; Hug, Andrew; Finley, Tyler

Spatial analysis for climate vulnerability assessments: How much granularity do we need?

Klein-Rosenthal, Joyce Ellen

Study of urban climate as a basis for climate adaptation and urban planning in Chilean cities

Henríquez, Cristian; Romero, Hugo; Smith, Pamela; Vásquez, Alexis; Tesser, Claudio; Dustyn, Opazo; Quense, Jorge

UDC5: Buildings climate and energy consumption III : new models
Location: Cassiopée Room
Chair: Yukihiro Kikegawa, Meisei University

Urban Microclimate: A new software development for urban design and planning with urban heat island effect

Nakano, Aiko; Bueno, Bruno; Norford, Leslie; Reinhart, Christoph


Cao, Junliang; Liu, Jing; Man, Xiaoxin

Implementation of the TEB model as a new TRNSYS-TYPE for the Assessment of Urban Microclimate prior to Dynamic Building Thermal Simulation

Ali-Toudert, Fazia; Böttcher, Sven

Urban weather generator: a method to predict neighborhood-specific urban temperatures for use in building energy simulations

Bueno, Bruno; Nakano, Aiko; Norford, Leslie

Coffee break
NOMTM10 (cont): Urban Canopy parameterizations II : development & sensitivity
Location: Caravelle Room
Chair: Jorge Gonzalez, City College of New York

Sensitivity analysis and optimization of an urban surface energy balance parameterization at a tropical suburban site

Harshan, Suraj; Roth, Matthias; Velasco, Erik

Using observations to improve modelled energy, water and carbon exchanges for urban areas

Ward, Helen Claire; Grimmond, Sue; Kotthaus, Simone; Järvi, Leena; Lindberg, Fredrik; Evans, Jonathan; Morrison, Will; Mustchin, John

Seasonal comparison of three urban land surface schemes in a high-latitude city of Helsinki

Karsisto, Petteri; Fortelius, Carl; Demuzere, Matthias; Grimmond, Sue; Oleson, Keith; Masson, Valery; Kouznetsov, Rostislav; Järvi, Leena

Validation of a Lumped Thermal Parameter Model coupled with an EnergyPlus Model using BUBBLE Data

Martin, Miguel; Afshari, Afshin; Parlow, Eberhard; Vogt, Roland; Norford, Leslie

Modelling anthropogenic heat in urban climate models: capturing agency

Smith, Stefan Thor; Grimmond, Sue

NOMTM7: Field campaigns
Location: St-Exupéry Amphitheater
Chair: Andreas Christen, The University of British Columbia

Joint analysis of meteorology and air quality in Helsinki, using air-quality supersites and an observation network

Wood, Curtis; Backman, J; Kouznetsov, R; Järvi, L; Aurela, M; Hillamo, R; Teinilä, K; Timonen, H; Asmi, E; Karppinen, A

A novel approach for anthropogenic heat flux estimation from space

Chrysoulakis, Nektarios; Esch, Thomas; Gastellu-Etchegorry, Jean Philippe; Grimmond, Sue; Parlow, Eberhard; Lindberg, Fredrik; Del Frate, Fabio; Klostermann, Judith; Mitr...

Land Surface and Climate Change Impacts on Temperature Variation in New York City

Karimi, Maryam; Vant-Hull, Brian; Nazari, Rouzbeh; Khanbilvardi, Reza

FluxSAP - A collaborative experimental campaign on water and energy fluxes in urban areas and the relation with the vegetation : the case of a Nantes district

Rodriguez, Fabrice; Keravec, Pascal; Rosant, Jean-Michel; Mestayer, Patrice; Rouaud, Jean-Marc; Biron, Romain; Bouyer, Julien; Brut, Aurore; Calmet, Isabelle; Chancibault...

The TERRACES project - A collaborative work to understand the role of vegetative green roof in refreshing the urban ambiances

Claverie, Remy; Bouyer, Julien; Sabre, Maeva; Schwager, Julie; Mucig, Charlotte; Ramier, Damid; Berthier, Emmanuel; Sellami, Emna; Versini, Pierre-Antoine; de Gouvello...


Oliveira, Amauri Pereira; Marques Filho, Edson Pereira; Ferreira, Mauricio Jonas; Soares, Jacyra; Codato, Georgia; Bo¾nar, Marija; Mlakar, Primo¾; Gra¹ic, Gra¹ic; Landulf...

TUKUP6: Indicators and climate maps II : urban planning
Location: Spot Room
Chair: Ifeoluwa Adebowale Balogun, Federal University of Technology, Akure

Preparing urban climate maps using Local Climate Zones (LCZ) methodology to improve communication with urban planners: the case of Tandil city, Argentina

Picone, Natasha; Campo, Alicia Maria

Urban Climate Zoning for Making "Hint Map for Urban Planning"

Matsuo, Kaoru; Tanaka, Takahiro

A GIS-based Modelling-Mapping Approach for Fine-Scale Natural Ventilation Evaluation in High Density Cities

Yuan, Chao; Norford, Leslie; Britter, Rex; Yim, Steve; Ng, Edward

UDC6: Energy demand at city scale
Location: Cassiopée Room
Chair: Fazia Ali-Toudert, TU Dortmund University

Translating the Urban Heat Island effect into power consumption for space-cooling: A case-study of megacity Delhi, India

Kandya, Anurag; Mohan, Manju

Sensitivity of electricity consumption to air temperature, air humidity and solar radiation in city-block scale – Based on 2013 Osaka city observation –

Hashimoto, Yuki; Ihara, Tomohiko; Ohashi, Yukitaka; Nabeshima, Minako; Shigeta, Yoshinori; Kikegawa, Yukihiro

Comprehensive validation of a simulation system for simultaneous prediction of urban climate and building energy demand

Kikegawa, Yukihiro; Ohashi, Yukitaka; Ihara, Tomohiko; Nabeshima, Minako; Shigeta, Yoshinori

EXPLOITING URBAN PHYSICS - A ‘Form First’ Approach to Sustainable Urban Development

Futcher, Julie ann

Could urban climate modelling systems provide urban planning guidelines in the context of building energy performance issues?

KOHLER, Manon; Tannier, Cécile; Blond, Nadège; Aguejdad, Rahim; Clappier, Alain

Building Energy Demand under Urban Climate and Climate Change conditions with consideration of Urban Morphology and Building Typology - GIS Mapping of the City of Stuttgart

Ali-Toudert, Fazia; Ji, Limei

Lunch break
NOMTM11: Mesoscale and Numerical Weather prediction models
Location: Caravelle Room
Chair: Dev Niyogi, Purdue University

Evaluation of building energy use: from the urban to the building scale

Mauree, Dasaraden; Blond, Nadège; Clappier, Alain; Kämpf, Jérôme; Scartezzini, Jean-Louis

High resolution Numerical Weather Prediction of the urban boundary layer – a comparison with observations for London, UK

Barlow, Janet Fraser; Lane, Sian Elizabeth; Lean, Humphrey W; Halios, Christos H

Sensitivity of mesoscale models to scale-dependent UCP inputs

Neophytou, Marina; Mouzourides, Petros; Kyprianou, Andreas; Choudhary, Ruchi; Ching, Jason

On the importance of horizontal turbulent transport in high resolution mesoscale simulations over cities.

Martilli, Alberto; Rotunno, Richard; Sullivan, Peter P.; Patton, Edward G.; LeMone, Margaret A.

Impact of an Urban Land Surface Scheme on Local Climate Simulation for the Tokyo metropolitan area

Aoyagi, Toshinori; Seino, Naoko; Shido, Fumitake; Sasaki, Hidetaka

Sensitivity of different regional climate modeling techniques to study interactions between urban heat island and lake breeze

Sharma, Ashish; Fernando, Joe; Hellmann, Jessica; Barlage, Michael; Chen, Fei; Miao, Shiguang

NOMTM8: New sensors / New methods I : CO2 & mobile measurements
Location: St-Exupéry Amphitheater
Chair: Roland Vogt, University of Basel

Using stable carbon and oxygen isotopes to attribute measured carbon dioxide emissions in urban environments to different fuel sources

Christen, Andreas; Ketler, Rick; Nesic, Zoran; Schwendenmann, Luitgard; Semmens, Caitlin

Air temperature retrieval from crowd-sourced smartphone battery temperatures for Dutch cities and its application in mesoscale model validation

Overeem, Aart; Robinson, James; Leijnse, Hidde; Uijlenhoet, Remko; Steeneveld, Gert-Jan; Horn, Berthold

A Mobile Sensor Network to Map Carbon Dioxide across Urban Environments

Lee, Joseph Kang; Christen, Andreas; Nesic, Zoran; Ketler, Rick

Evaluating urban climate model simulations with low-cost air temperature measurements

Zuvela-Aloise, Maja; Hollosi, Brigitta; Weyss, Gernot; Löffelmann, Philemon

Innovative observations and analysis of human thermal comfort in Amsterdam

Heusinkveld, B.G.; Steeneveld, G.J.; Ronda, R.J.; Attema, J.J.; Holtslag, A.A.M.

Statistical Partitioning Of Net Carbon Dioxide Fluxes Over A Heterogeneous Urban Landscape

Menzer, Olaf; McFadden, Joseph P

Calculation of the CO2 storage term in an urban environment: results and guidelines from Central London

Bjorkegren, Alex; Grimmond, Sue

TUKUP7: Warning plans & Decision support tools
Location: Spot Room
Chair: Morgane Colombert, Université Paris Est, EIVP, Lab'Urba, EA 3482


Nakonde, Irene; Maxi Ddungu, Roger Maxi; Namuddu, Rehema; Mukangango, Shukuli

Assessing the health impact of the Urban Heat Island of Birmingham, UK

Fisher, Paul Anthony; Thornes, John

The Urban Heat Island effect during heatwaves in Melbourne

Rogers, Cassandra Denise Wilks; Tapper, Nigel; Gallant, Ailie

Communicating Climate Change to Urban Planners in the Great Lakes: Cities Impacts and Adaptation Tool

Mallen, Evan Sheppard

Science communication with analysis by stakeholder themselves

Sugiyama, Tooru; Kawahara, Shintaro; Araki, Fumiaki; Takahashi, Keiko

UDC7: Buildings climate and energy consumption II : temperate and cold climate cities
Location: Cassiopée Room
Chair: David J Sailor, Portland State University


PLESSIS, Gilles; BOUIA, Hassan; MILLIEZ, Maya; SCHUMANN, Mathieu; MUSY, Marjory; LEDUC, Thomas; ALAMY, Philippe

The urban heat island and its influence on building energy consumption in England and South Korea

Levermore, Geoffrey John; Lee, Kwan Ho; Parkinson, John

Assessment of urban cooling strategies impact using a coupled model for urban microclimate and building energy simulation

Gros, Adrien; Bozonnet, Emmanuel; inard, christian; Musy, marjorie; Calmet, Isabelle

Outdoor human comfort and climate change. A case study in the EPFL campus in Lausanne

Coccolo, Silvia; Kaempf, Jerome; Scartezzini, Jean-Louis

Taking into account building environment in the energy consumption evaluation

MORILLE, Benjamin; LAUZET, Nicolas; MUSY, Marjorie

Urban Greening and the UHI: Seasonal Trade-offs in Heating and Cooling Energy Consumption in Manchester, UK

Skelhorn, Cynthia Pamela; Lindley, Sarah; Levermore, Geoff


Lamarca, Cristobal; Henriquez, Cristian

Coffee break
NOMTM11 (cont): Mesoscale and Numerical Weather prediction models
Location: Caravelle Room
Chair: Dev Niyogi, Purdue University

Simulation of the urban heat island under the background of urbanization around Guangzhou

Chen, Guang; Zhao, Lihua; Mochida, Akashi

The Impact of Land Use/Land Cover on WRF Model Performance in a Sub-Tropical Urban Environment

Bhati, Shweta; Mohan, Manju

Urban heat island over northern Taiwan: Numerical study using WRF coupled with a 2-D urban canopy model

Lin, Chuan Yao; Su, Chjung-Jui; Kusaka, Hiroyuki; Akimoto, Yuko; Sheng, Yang Fan; Chen, Wan-Chin

Development of a fine-scale numerical weather prediction system for urban areas: Preliminary results

Miao, Shiguang; Li, Yuhuan; Zhang, Yizhou; Barlage, Michael; Chen, Fei

NOMTM9: New sensors / New methods II : UBL & UHI
Location: St-Exupéry Amphitheater
Chair: Eberhard Parlow, University Basel

Mixing height over London: spatio-temporal characteristics observed by Ceilometer networks

Kotthaus, Simone; Stockdale, Charley; Charlton-Perez, Cristina; O'Connor, Ewan; Grimmond, Sue

New York Metro-Area Boundary Layer Catalogue: Boundary Layer Height and Stability Conditions from Long-Term Observations

Melecio-Vazquez, David; Gonzalez-Cruz, Jorge; Arend, Mark; Gutierrez, Estatio; Dempsey, Mark; Booth, James

Multi-point Doppler Lidar observation in urban area

Oda, Ryoko; Inagaki, Atsushi; Yagi, Ayako; Kanda, Manabu; Fujiyoshi, Yasushi

Measuring the real-world effects of urban heat island countermeasures: a case study of pavement-watering

Hendel, Martin; GUTIERREZ, Pierre; Colombert, Morgane; Diab, Youssef; Royon, Laurent

TUKUP7 (cont): Warning plans & Decision support tools
Location: Spot Room
Chair: Alexander Baklanov, World Meteorological Organization (WMO)

The CapaCities project: from Concepts to Actions for a Proactive Adaptation of Cities

Bonhomme, Marion; Dubois, Catherine; Adolphe, Luc; Cloutier, Geneviève; Faraut, Serge; Rynning, Maja Karoline; Péré, Anne; Sadokh, Corine

UMEP - An integrated tool for urban climatology and climate-sensitive planning applications

Lindberg, Fredrik; Grimmond, Sue; Onomura, Shiho; Järvi, Leena; Ward, Helen

Integration of adaptation to climate change within the design process of urban planning projects : new tool(s) and new methodology(ies)

Colombert, Morgane; Gantois, Marie; Jacquet, Laurent; Leseur, Alexia; Meunier, Guillaume; Nassopoulos, Hypatia; Salagnac, Jean-Luc

Review of tools for Quantifying the Contribution of Green Infrastructure to Carbon Performance

Pakzad, Parisa; Paul, Osmond; Philipp, Conrad Heinz

Results from the LUCIL research project for climate-smart urban planning in Lagos megacity, Nigeria

Balogun, Ahmed; Ojeh, Vincent; Thorsson, Sofia

UDC8: Buildings climate and energy consumption I : tropical, continental and arid climate cities
Location: Cassiopée Room
Chair: Matthias Roth, National University of Singapore

Impact of increasing the depth of urban street canyons on building heating and cooling loads: Case study of Tel Aviv, Israel

Erell, Evyatar; Kalman, Yannai

Evaluation of Smart Shading Structures in Mitigating Urban Heat Island in a districts of Hot Arid Climate City (Abu Dhabi)

Bande, Lindita; Miguel, Martin; Guerra Cabrera, Adalberto; Afshari, Afshin

Climate-responsive residential buildings in India. Just a drop in the ocean?

Pellegrino, Margot; Simonetti, Marco

Shading effect of Alley Trees and Their Impact on Indoor Comfor

Szkordilisz, Flóra; Kiss, Márton

Energy and Comfort in School Buildings in the South of Portugal

Encarnação da Conceição, Eusébio Zeferino; J. R. Lúcio, Mª Manuela

Closing of the conference
Location: St-Exupéry Amphitheater