Operational Products

RSMC major production

The RSMC, Regional Specialized Meteorological Centre / Tropical Cyclone Centre La Réunion is responsible for the daily monitoring of the cyclone activity over the South West Indian Ocean, and for the issuing of every relevant information (analysis, forecast) on this disturbed meteorological activity.

Year around, once a day:

The Daily Tropical Weather Outlook, also called "ITCZ" ("Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone").

This bulletin assesses the potential for a tropical cyclogenesis (at least for the next 24 hours), supported by an analysis of the meteorological situation and its forecasted evolution, if necessary.
In case of disturbed activity over the basin:

Two main advisories are issued, four times a day (or less frequently when the system is weak), at 00, 06, 12 et 18 Z :
- The Marine Advisory (Marine Warning for the GMDSS Marine areas Metarea VII and Metarea VIII (S));
- The so-called "RSMC" Technical Bulletin.

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