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  Session 1. Particle Filters and Applications
  Brad Weir, Alexandre Chorin, Robert Miller, Matthias Morzfeld and Yvette Spitz
Estimation of Ecological Model Parameters by Implicit Sampling

Philippe Arbogast, Olivier Pannekoucke, Etienne Mémin
Object-oriented processing of high-resolution precipitation forecasts by stochastic filtering

Andreas Rhodin
Proposal Transition Density Choices in a Simple 1-D Particle Filter

  Session 2. Miscellaneous
  Thomas Bellsky, Eric Kostelich and Alex Mahalov
Data assimilation: targeted observations and parameter estimation

Mohan Kumar Das
Cyclone aila moisture effects an heavy rain and flooding in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Ne-India and Nepal

Attada Raju, Anant Parekh, C. Gnanaseelan
Improvement of Indian Summer Monsoon features using Four Dimensional Data Assimilation

Vladimir V. Penenko, Alexey V. Penenko, Elena A. Tsvetova
Variational organization of modeling technology for environmental problems

Laura Huang, George Isaac, Grant Sheng
Analysis of Integrated Forecasts from Different Combinations of NWP Models

I. Sraj M. Iskandarani, A. Srinivasan, W.C. Thacker, J. Winokur, A. Alexanderian, C-Y Lee, S. S. Chen and O. M. Knio
Bayesian Inference of Wind Drag Parameters

Nikola Uvarov, Sokolov A.A, Chavro A.I
Methods of optimal planning for remote sensing experiment in problems of satellite meteorology

Koji Dairaku, Satoshi Iizuka, Wataru Sasaki, Roger A. Pielke Sr., Hisashi Doi
Assessment of add-value of multi-model ensemble dynamical downscaling in Japan

Shin Fukui, Weiming Sha, Toshiki Iwasaki
Ensemble downscaling prediction experiment of summertime cool weather in northeastern Japan caused by local wind, "Yamase"

  Session 3. Probabilistic Prediction
  Jakob W. Messner and Georg J. Mayr
Probabilistic Forecasts using Analogs in the Idealized Lorenz96 Setting

F. Anthony Eckel, Luca Delle Monache and Badrinath Nagaraja
Optimization of the Analog Ensemble Method

  Session 4. Kalman and Hybrid Filters. Theoretical Aspects
  Guocan Wu, Xiaogu Zheng, Liqun Wang
On Improvement of Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter with Nonlinear Observational Operator

Xiaodong Luo and Ibrahim Hoteit
Ensemble Kalman filtering with residual nudging

  Session 5. Kalman and Hybrid Filters. Continuation and Applications
  Bernard Bilodeau, Marco L. Carrera, Sarah Dyck, Nathalie Gauthier, Maria Abrahamowicz and Stéphane Bélair
Assimilation of Screen-Level Observations in the Canadian Land Data Assimilation System

X. Tang, J. Zhu, Z.F. Wang, M. Wang, J. Li
Inverse estimation of urban-scale CO emissions over Beijing and its surrounding areas: assimilating in-situ observation with Ensemble Kalman Filter

Mélanie Rochoux, Jean-Michel Bart, Bénédicte Cuenot, Sophie Ricci, Arnaud Trouvé
Towards Data-Driven Simulations of Wildfire Spread using Ensemble-based Data Assimilation

So-Young Ha, Chris Snyder
Ensemble Kalman Filter data assimilation in global MPAS/DART

  Session 6. Ensemble Variational Assimilation
  Anthony T. Weaver and Andrea Piacentini
Representing Ensemble Covariances in Variational Assimilation with a Diffusion Operator

  Session 7. (Quasi-)Operational Ensemble Prediction Systems
  Mio Matsueda, Tetsuo Nakazawa
Early-warning products for extreme weather events using operational medium-range ensemble forecasts

Xiaoli Li, Min Wang,Chengdu
Calibrating 2m Temperature Forecast for the Regional Ensemble Prediction System at NNPC

Lauriane Batté, Michel Déqué
A stochastic dynamics method for ensemble seasonal forecasts with the CNRM-CM5.1 GCM

R. Chandrasekar, Deepak Subramani, K.Srinivasa Ramanujam, C. Balaji
Study of the impact of combined TMI-PR retrieved rainy observations in regional weather forecast models in an ensemble Bayesian framework

Mozheng Wei, Gregg Jacobs, Clark Rowley, Charlie Barron, Pat Hogan, Peter Spence, Ole Martin Smedstad, Paul Martin and Emanuel Coelhoc
The US Navy's RELO Ensemble and its Application to Lagrangian Trajectory Prediction in the Gulf of Mexico

  Session 8. (Quasi-)Operational Assimilation Systems
  Richard Ménard
Convergence of the Desroziers scheme: New results

  Session 9. Identification and Representation of Model Errors
  Marie Boisserie, Carole Labadie, Laurent Descamps, Philippe Arbogast
Stochastic Physics for Model Error Scheme in PEARP

Laura Baker, Alison Rudd, Stefano Migliorini, Ross Bannister
Development of a method to simulate model error in a convective-scale ensemble system

Renaud Marty, Vincent Fortin, Heri Kuswanto, Anne-Catherine Favre, Eric Parent
Bayesian Processor of Ensemble Members: combining the Bayesian Processor of Output with Bayesian Model. Averaging for reliable ensemble forecasting

So-Young Ha, Chris Snyder and Judith Berner
Model error representation in mesoscale WRF-?DART cycling

  Session 10. Further Developments
  Kazumasa Aonashi and Seiji Origuchi
Sampling Error Damping Method for a Cloud-Resolving Model Based on Ensemble Forecast Error Analyis

C. Santos, A. Amo, E. Abellán, A. Callado, P. Escribà, J.A. García-Moya, J. Sancho, J. Simarro
AEMET-SREPS: Past, present and future

Daniel Hodyss
Accounting for Skewness in Ensemble Data Assimilation

Karina Apodaca, Milija Zupanski, Mark de Maria, John A. Knaff, Lewis D. Grasso and Man Zhang
Evaluating the potential impact of lightning data assimilation utilizing hybrid variational-ensemble methods

Nicolas Gillet, Dominique Jault, Christopher Finlay
Stochastic reconstruction of the flow in the Earth's outer core from 170 years of observatory data

Hailiang Du, Leonard A. Smith and Emma Suckling (The London School of Economics and Political Science, UK)
Pseudo-orbit Gradient Descent Ensemble Method

Xiaogu Zheng, Guocan Wu, Liqun Wang
A New Structure of Error Covariance Matrices and Their Adaptive Estimation in EnKF Assimilation.

  Session 11. Evaluation and Validation
  D. Smith, M. Naughton and A. Sulaiman
Multiscale Surface Field Verification for Ensemble Tropical Cyclone Forecasts

Schefzik Roman, Thordis Thorarinsdottir, Tilmann Gneiting
Ensemble copula coupling (ECC): Application to the ECMWF ensemble

E. Wheatcroft and L. A. Smith
Using shadowing ratios to evaluate data assimilation techniques

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